10 villains that may appear in Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man trilogy

The growing Marvel Cinematic Universe has an excellent selection of iconic comic book villains. However, there are decades-old villains from comics who are the main ones to feature on the big screen, Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man trilogy. Let’s take a look at some of the potential villains we’ll see go against Peter Parker of the Netherlands in the next few Spider-Man movies from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Black Cat Spider-Man

A character often recognized from PlayStation games Marvel’s Spider-Man, This femme fatale, as the name implies, is a famous cat thief based in New York. White hair and a tight black outfit are often seen, the Black Cat being the character with the most room for change on the big screen. Always out to pick up a big score at home but often without power, Black Cat offers one of the most down-to-earth character dramas in Spider’s Nimes.

Often recognized as Felicia Hardy, the character began as a thief, with a romantic interest and tethering the line between an opponent. Introducing this duality in MCUs can lead you to a perfect continuum. No way home Tom Holland has left Peter Parker and his relationship.

Prowler Marvel

Into the spider-verse For us a restless person who tries to get brings a brilliant reception. Recognized by an iconic purple robe with an impressive featureless mask, the proler is a powerful enemy for Spider-Man. A career criminal who acquires armor to fight powerful people, he shares connections with, or worked for, many of the great Spider-Verse villains.

Like most Spider-Man villains, there are multiple characters who have adopted this spell, but the most recognizable version now would be Aaron Davis, starring Donald Glover in the Tom Holland movie. Adding a potential second web-slinger to the mix with Miles Morales (Aaron’s nephew) will also help the now-lone Peter Parker, who will benefit greatly from following his recent experiences by taking someone under his wing.

Mephisto Marvel

Mephistopheles is one of the most extraordinary villains that has ever followed Marvel characters Wandavision, Kevin Feis and his team are easy to believe in pulling such an opponent. Mephistopheles are often presented as a monster from the dimensions of a pocket, completely covered in red with a cape. Mephisto’s powers include manipulation of reality, foreknowledge, reshaping, immortality, superhuman traits, and mysterious deals. The ultimate power is easily the most attractive because he can grant any desire for the price of a soul.

The deals that Mephistopheles makes come out of frustration, but can have as big an impact as Dr. Strange’s spelling. No way home. With Multiverse in the immediate fold of Peter Park, it would be hard to argue that Mephistopheles would not have a web-shooter on its radar. This Peter tragedy can run a whole film about a potential bargain that he will only get back to his friends and family.

Spot Marvel Spider-Man

A lesser known Spider-Man villain, but the most interesting in terms of Powerset. The spot begins as Dr. Jonathan Ohn, who created a portal for an alternative dimension. While there, Ohan is covered in a portable dimensional portal that looks like a black spot. These abilities allow Spot to become a skilled criminal with multiple evil alliances throughout the comic.

Spots will make a great addition to the villains’ cast as an opponent of the power that Marvel is setting for Ned Leeds. Portal imagery and use during action sequences have become iconic in MCUs Dr. Strange Visual, and it will lend itself great to villains with similar abilities to see set up in the upcoming trilogy.

Scorpion Marvel

At that time another iconic villain came on the big screen Into the Spiderverse, Scorpion sounds just like that: a human with a scorpion tail. The Spider-Man villains are often literal in their naming but on the other hand, J.P. That would be an interesting way to build on Jonah Jameson. He was introduced as Scorpion’s private investigator, Mac Gargan, whom Jameson would pay to be an experimental subject of mutagenic therapy by acquiring animal characteristics. In the process, Gorgon loses his mind and becomes a highly skilled villain.

Tom Holland’s play with Spider-Man still has Doc Oak or Doctor Kurt Connors-type characters who lose their minds after being distracted by an experiment. The duality between justice and chaos in the villain creates a more interesting character arc. Also, Gargan has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Good call Saul Breakout Michael Mando playing him.

Rhino Marvel

An attempted and unsuccessful addition to Spider-Man’s live-action villain array, a classic rival on the Rhino Marvel Comics page, made its debut in 1966. Alexei Sitsevich is a Russian mobster who is often portrayed as a man who uses his power to change armou or rhinoceros. Either way, it would be interesting to see the physique that this character could bring to the screen in contrast to the younger Tom Holland.

The destructive nature of their struggle and the public outcry fill the potential on the big screen. Also, Rhino deserves a second chance on the big screen.

Craven the Hunter Marvel

Craven (by his full name) is an iconic hunter who is considered a worthy opponent of the web slinger. A generally respected hunter whose life is dedicated to capturing wild animals and creatures, including Spider-Man, Craven has an amazing comic book history, but the crew behind it is clearly in mind. No way home.

During an interview with Collider, Tom Holland shared this No way home During its development it almost turned into a craven film, describing the pitch as “very great”. We don’t have many details from the past that Holland “doesn’t want to talk about if the movie is over” because of the reality. Craven is already getting his own stand-alone film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but that probably won’t stop Marvel from using the character if the idea is as fun as Holland’s.

Cain Parker Scarlet Spider Marvel

There is no greater villain than Holland to go against Tom Holland. In the comics, Kane Parker is a mentally unstable and physically deformed clone of Peter Parker. This foil carries the same power as Peter but also acquires an enhanced version of Spidey-Sense which gives him prior knowledge.

Despite the power, the emotional turmoil of being cloned leads Cain to a dark extreme, including murder, something that will eat away at the soft and sympathetic roots of MCU’s Spidey. Although it would be a darker story than the things we used to see from Disney Moon Night Using such a tonal shift MCU could open the door for new and perhaps radically different opponents.

Flash Thompson Marvel

Flash Thompson is a character you already know about Tony Revolveri’s work in the first three Spider-Man films with Tom Holland. She is a young, smart high-school student who is desperate for recognition but has a deep love for the title hero after being saved by her. Homecoming.

There are various ways to create a villain or anti-hero from Flash but the most interesting route may be through the post-credit scene. No way home. During this scene, it is shown that Marvel is a bit behind Symbiot in the Cinematic Universe. On the pages of Marvel Comics, Flash is tied to Venom Symbiot. While he is currently irresistible, Flash could become one of Marvel’s more powerful enemies because he perceives it as acceptable.

Puma Marvel

This villain is a genetically engineered superhuman of Native American descent who shares the characteristics of a Puma. Known as the hired tenant, Puma has worked both for and against the web-shooter throughout his comic book presence. Despite her morally gray career, Puma has always maintained a strong presence with an attractive moral compass. Marvel has only explored the tenant kingdom with Klaw Age of Ultron And Black leopardSo bringing a supervillain to dive into this gray area of ​​the universe will lead to an interesting story that could take Parker further away from his comfort zone.

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