A documentary series starring Prince Harry and Megan Merkel is coming to Netflix

After long commitments and project announcements, Netflix can finally count on a success for a series about Sussex’s family routine. The documentary project could easily compete with the Kardashian family show because Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel Talk about the other side of their lives. Of course, fans are thrilled at the news, and streaming service officials want to promote the series to coincide with the release of Prince Harry’s long-awaited memoir later this year, the couple has decided to delay the premiere of Doc. -Reality shows until next year. “The timing is still being discussed; everything is still in the air,” says one knowledgeable producer.

Members of the former royal family signed a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming company in 2020 after moving to the United States. In addition to the upcoming show, Netflix is ​​producing a documentary called The Heart of Invictus to match the games in the Netherlands, where Sussex was in the spotlight. But they are also being monitored by cameramen working on another project that will be brighter and more interesting. Cameras were allowed behind the scenes at the Montecito home of the Duke of California and joined Sussex on a trip to New York last September.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Despite the conflict last month, the couple flew to Windsor Castle on their way to the Netherlands to meet Queen Elizabeth II before her 96th birthday.

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