‘A Million Little Things’ Producer DJ Nash Talks Season 4 Finals Bombshell –

Eater Warning: The story details ABC’s season 4 finale A million small things.

In a general A million small things Fashion, the most recent fourth season ended with a cliffhanger and again, someone’s life is in danger. This time, it wasn’t an accident – or an accident – but a revelation that Gary’s cancer was back.

He and Maggie kept their diagnosis a secret, but Rome stumbled upon it when he checked his camera’s memory card before filming Tyrell’s graduation ceremony. Gary borrowed the camera to record video messages for her and Maggie’s unborn child as the two went through infertility treatment. Gary returned the camera to Rome when he and Maggie thought they had lost the baby. That doesn’t turn out to be the case, so Maggie is still pregnant but Gary’s secret out.

A short Q&A with deadlines, AMLT Creator, executive producer and co-listener DJ Nash reflects on the future for Shokar and Gary and the rest of the group of friends. He also teases other Season 5 developments, one of which the main character is likely to return to, and addresses the possibility of the series ending next season. AMLT Season 5 is set to return, which is rumored to be its final chapter in the middle.

End date: What can you say about Gary’s prediction?

DJ Nash: We knew we always wanted Gary’s cancer to come back. And we knew it would be okay when we got back to the Depression in Rome. Both of these friends have illnesses that recur and challenge their future. We like the idea of ​​Maggie being there for Gary the way she was there for him. Good and bad for all. And we’re thrilled to see how these two will be there for each other as they welcome a baby into the world, doing everything they can to live up to their terms for advertising as long as possible.

End date: How will Gary’s illness affect the group of friends?

Nash: Rome and Regina have stumbled upon huge amounts of information that they should not have known. Information Gary doesn’t want them to know. They have a real dilemma. Their instincts rush to their friends and say, “We know. How can we help? “But at the same time, Rome, who has recently dealt with a recurrence of her own illness, is aware at first hand that sometimes asking a bunch of people – even with good intentions – how you are is not always helpful. We’ll see this group of friends stay there for the person who was there for everyone, the same person who finds it so hard to ask for help. I will not say what happens, but hopefully it will feel as real as life itself.

End date: What else can you annoy about Season 5?

Nash: We’re really excited to see Maggie get pregnant. To see Rome and Regina as empty-nesters. No matter what happens to Eddie because of not being too involved in Eddie’s life to see Katherine and trying to deepen her relationship with Katherine Greater. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. This is so much more. We also hope to be excited for the return of Delilah for some episodes. Stephanie says she would love to come back and we missed her. So we look forward to seeing the next chapter of that story.

End date: Are you approaching it as the final season?

Nash: We know that, despite setting network records for delayed viewing this season, our live ratings aren’t great. It’s hard when you follow a comedy one night is a drama. We went on the network earlier this season and offered to close the story and they didn’t really want us to do it. They told us to make a cliffhanger tonight. We’re grateful that we’re not ending the story where we did at the end of Season 4. I’m excited about the stories I’ll tell in Season 5 and I’m going to have some more conversations with them. [ABC Entertainment President] Craig [Erwich] As we talk about the first half of the season about when the best time to end the series will be. We have brought together an incredible family in our show. Four seasons later, the actors still love each other. We have an incredible crew who made 20 episodes during Covid’s time without even stopping for a day. The author’s room is the best creative space I’ve ever been a part of. So [co-showrunner] TC and I are going to take a few weeks off and then we will have a long conversation and make sure we only keep telling stories when we know we and the fans can capture the truth that we like about our show.

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