A Mobster’s Road to Perdition ‘- Deadline

Exclusive: Blackstone Publishing Acquires Worldwide Publication of Shawn Scott Hicks Autobiography, The Devil to Pay: A Mobster’s Road to Paddy. The company’s media, TV and film director, Brendan Denin, mediated the deal and will now edit the book when buying film and TV rights from studios and streamers.

The devil to pay The story of a man who was born into the most notorious crime family in history ্য The Winter Hill Gang. Hicks, the illegitimate child of a secret relationship, grew up around the criminal influence of notorious mobsters like Whiteie Bulgar, Steve Flemy and Howie Winter. At the age of 15, he became fully involved in the underworld of organized crime statistics in Boston, initially the Irish mob, which eventually led to him serving more than 24 years in prison. In her memoirs, Hicks shared the never-before-shared theories about how the 1990 unresolved Isabella Gardner Museum robbery in Boston took place, why she was involved, why no one was arrested, and where the surviving artwork might be today. Described.

Hicks was released from prison in 2020 as a fully-fledged reformer. His story illuminates the reality of what it really is like to be in a dark, dangerous and deceptive place on earth and what it takes for a person to get out.

“I have been charged with bank robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, embezzlement, theft, extortion, money laundering, blackmailing, aggravated assault and attempted murder. In short, I was a monster. But that has all changed, “said Hicks. “My journey to humanity is an ongoing and humble pursuit.”

“When Shawn’s autobiography arrived in my inbox, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after reading this, I realized that I have something very special in my hand. The writing is top notch and the story itself is as compelling as The Wolf of Wall Street, but with an arc of more powerful characters, “Denin added. “I am excited to share Shawn’s story with the world. It’s not only entertaining, it’s also the story of a man who chose to atone for his sins and become a good man. “

Hicks is currently shooting an unwritten television series about his post-prison life produced by Aaron Semmel, which will follow him as he balances construction projects, his recovery from alcoholism, his music career and most importantly his family life. In addition to writing, Hicks is currently working as an actor, producer, real estate developer, criminal consultant, musician and record label executive. In 2021, he co-founded the Mob Rock Records label, which was signed by Rob Schwartz of Who? Mag Multimedia, including distribution through The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment.

One of the largest independent audiobook publishers in the United States, Blackstone’s catalog contains over 13,000 audiobook titles from authors such as Ion Rand, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, CS Lewis, Don Winslow and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Its print and ebook imprint releases count more than 80 titles a year by new and established authors, including James Clavel, Rex Pickett, PC Cast, Katherine Coulter, Norman Reedas and Karin Slater.

Denin is a former Scott Rudin production and Miramax / Dimension execution who recently joined Blackstone and launched its in-house film and TV division, which currently produces Netflix, Paramount, Amblin, Roadside Attraction, Gener Arts, 6th & Ready and . Hicks’ agent negotiated the deal Satan to pay In his favor.

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