A portrait of Marilyn Monroe has sold for মিল 195 million

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe Christie’s was auctioned off for 195 million

The portrait of Marilyn Monroe shot Sage Blue Marilyn in the hands of pop art classic Andy Warhol has gone under the hammer. The auction house is listed on Christie’s website.

The portrait sold for a record িয়ন 195 million at auction. The buyer was Larry Gagosian, an American art dealer of Armenian descent. All proceeds from the sale will go to a children’s charity.

Shot Marilyn’s Hall is a masterpiece created by Andy Warhol in 1964 using silkscreen printing. It features a four-meter square canvas, each depicting an American film star. Artist Dorothy Podbar was instrumental in creating the most expensive part of American art. He came to Warhol Studios and asked permission to take pictures. At the same time, the English words “take a picture” and “shoot” are identical (to shoot). After getting permission, he pulled out a gun and shot through the pile of portraits.

What they’re saying: It’s very crisp and clear, says Warhl biographer and New York Times contributor Blake Confident Axios. “It simply came to our notice then.

The painting, for example, appeared on a poster of the 1971 Warhol Retro Spectacle in London’s Tate Gallery – a poster, Gopnik says, “was everywhere, including on the walls of my childhood bathroom.”

He says collectors don’t really buy because something is important, they buy mostly because it’s a great eye candy, adding that collectors prefer something more expensive than anything else in the world. Own one of the latest paintings.

Context: JJean-Michel Basquiat skul, the previous record for auction of American paintings, sold for .5 110.5 million. Picasso had the record for the most modern painting, which sold for 9 179 million in 2015.

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