A transgender person will appear in the new season of Dr. Hu

A transgender person will appear in the new season of Dr. Hu. Transgender actress Yasmin Finney is set to appear in the new season of Doctor Who. A transgender actress will be seen in the new season of the TV series “Doctor Who”. The Mirror reported this.

One of the main characters, 18-year-old transgender actress Yasmin Finney will play the role of Rose Woman of the Time. Earlier, the girl starred in the movie “Heartbeat” on Netflix.

Dr. Hu producer Russell T. Davis has announced that the new series of projects will be released in 2023. The filmmaker stressed that viewers will surely find out how another Rose could appear in the series.

“It’s a great pleasure to welcome Yasmin. We’ve all fallen in love with her,” Davis said. Finney himself thanked the producer who called him for the shoot: “The show has found a place in the hearts of many, so the fact that legend Russell saw me as a trans actress made my life, not just my years.”

Earlier, transgender actresses Rebecca Root and Bethany Black have already joined the project. Actor Enkuti Gatwa, star of the TV series “Sex Education” will play the role of a doctor this time.
In May, Marvel Comics also introduced the transgender superhero Escaped. The company has launched a transgender mutant that can move in space. They will be part of Marvel’s LGBT character lineup. It has been revealed that Escapade will be dedicated to a 20-page comic created by American author Charlie Jane and produced by Anders Row Stein and Ted Brand.

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