A woman ran on the red carpet topless in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

A woman ran topless on the red carpet in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. NEW YORK POST: A woman appeared topless in the color of the Ukrainian flag, organizing a protest and a woman ran topless in the color of the color of the Ukrainian flag. Cannes Film Festival . Relevant material led the New York Post.

Note that he made a protest with anti-war slogans. At the same time, the area of ​​the event guest’s chest and ribs, which appeared half-naked in front of the camera, was painted in blue and yellow tones. Besides, the woman’s panties were covered with red spots.

Later, the security officials had to remove the protesters, before covered his body with a jacket. The incident is said to have taken place during the premiere of Three Thousand Years of Waiting, directed by George Miller.
In April, the opening film of the 75th Cannes Film Festival reportedly decided to change the name to “Z”. Zombie comedy director Michelle Hazanavicius calls the tape a coupe (“cut”). This was done following an appeal by Ukrainian filmmakers, who indicated that the letter Z had been used in pro-Russian protests across Europe and had become a symbol of a special military operation.

The festival comes amid much debate over the Ukraine conflict. The official Russian delegation and Putin’s correspondents were not welcomed at the event, but the festival began yesterday with a film sponsored by authorized Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.
Cannes is no stranger to red carpet protests. In 2018, 82 women protested in front of the Palace against gender discrimination in the film industry. Then, a few days later, there were protests against racism on the carpet.

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