Action-thriller by Rev. Films Boards ‘John Wick’ author Derek Colstad

Exclusive: Picked up by Revolve Films John Wick Original screenplay by author Derek Colstad Acolyte And the project will be financed and produced by Swiss distributor-producer Ascot Elite Entertainment.

The story follows a long-running emotional project for Colstad and Robert Miller (aka Acolyte) Who returns home to find that his home has been vandalized and that his wife, Helen, is missing, with the top secret file of his painful NGO work in Syria. He carries out one of the deadliest operations by combining Athena, Helios, Talos, Hades, Cerberus, Icarus, and Hermes, his highly classified and long-disbanded team, with an intense skill and determination that denies the appearance of each of his men: rescue Helen and her Brings hell closer. The kidnappers and their corrupt political allies.

The project will be produced by Rev. Films’ Rob Paris and Mike Wiederrill, as well as Ascot Elite Entertainment’s Ralph S. Dietrich, Karin G. Dietrich, Stefan Giger and Daniel Howeltchi. Christopher Milburn, who brought the teams together, will be working as an executive producer alongside Claudio Fah. The film will be quick-tracked with more news coming from the incoming director and cast.

Author and creator of Colstad John Wick The franchise which has earned around $ 600M worldwide across three films A fourth installment of the franchise is set for release from Lionsgate in March 2023.

“Inside AcolyteDerek provided the perfect follow-up franchise John Wick And the collection of amazing characters that he has intricately woven across the script offers us an endless array of stories to tell over the years, ‚ÄĚParis and Wiederrill said in a joint statement.

Colstad has been replaced by APA, Circle of Confusion and Behr Abramson Levy.

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