Actors Equity 2022 Selects Officers and Councilors – Deadline

The Actors Equity Association tonight unveiled the results of its 2022 officer and councilor election.

Waideta Carter was re-elected as the 1st Vice President representing the main actors. Al Bundnis was elected 2nd vice president, representing the chorus actors, Erin Morin Coaster was elected 3rd vice president, representing the stage managers – both opposed. Sandra Karas re-elected Secretary / Treasurer.

More than 40 council seats were filled, effective immediately, across three regions and representing four departments: lead actors, chorus actors, stage managers and seniors.

Here are the results; All terms are for four years, except where stated:

Chief Counselors of the East

Stephen Bogardas
Kimberly Chatterjee
Matt Dasilva
Ashley Rose
Carla Martinez
Maureen Moore
Margot Moreland
Diane Nicole
Judy Rice
Sid Solomon
Jennifer Swederski
Allison Tucker
Erica Walsh
Kristen Beth Williams

Eastern chorus councilors

Joan Borts
Todd Bunopane
Taavon Gamble
Shonika Gooden
Ashley E. Matthews
Sarah Queen Taylor

Eastern stage manager councilors

Ruth E. Kramer
Ira Mount
Barnita Robinson

Eastern Region A-Large Councilor

Meredith Beck (unopposed)
Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez (unopposed)
Bert Rodriguez (unopposed)

Chief Councilors of the Central Region

Kelly Krump
Rebecca Prescott (two year term)

Central Region Chorus Councilor

Leh Moro (uncontested)

In the west:

The chief councilors of the West

Natalie Camunas (unopposed)
Kelly Ground (uncontested)
Barbara N. Roberts (uncontested)
Deborah Sharp-Taylor (unopposed)

Western Chorus Councilor

Kevin McMahon (unopposed)

Western stage manager councilors

Rebecca Scoopin (unopposed)
Julia Jayas-Melendez (unopposed)

Western Region at-Large Councilor

Heather M Browse (unopposed)

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