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France has made a number of films this year about the terrorist attacks. One year and one night By Isaki Lacuesta (which premiered in Berlin this year) and November Which is shown out of competition in the ear by Cedric Jimenez and deeply personal to Alice Wincock Memories of Paris Which was inspired by Winocor’s own brother who was in the November 2015 attack on Bataclan. The film follows the journey of a woman to recover from a mass shooting.

Mia (Virginia Ephera) is walking through Paris, torn to pieces after the incident. She is looking for someone who could be there for her and help her to recall her isolated memories of that day. His mind is broken and he cannot move on from post-traumatic stress. He worked as a translator before the incident. It felt like an average day when he stopped at a local bistro and his life changed forever.

A small group of surviving Mia often visits the crime scene. This is his closest thing to a community a group of people who understand what he’s done. Her guilt is at her best when she begins to see the faces of dead people who chase her on subways and on the streets. Nothing can be the same for Mia now because she sees the city of her choice from a new perspective and the life she lives after the attack has a new purpose.

Sometimes we can stay in one place for so long that we accept it and with the goal of Winocour Memories of Paris Introducing the city to its own residents. His great shots of the city at night and during the day show all its magnificent landscapes. The Bataclan incident is a milestone in French history, but the city continued because of the resilience of the Parisians.

The director’s stories always deal with a kind of emotional turmoil that is associated with a feminine mentality. And of all the films about this terrorist attack, Vinocors is the only one that goes deep into the heads of survivors and digs deep into their personal healing process. Actress Virginia has invested in the journey of Afria Meer, and through the ending there is a satisfaction and completeness in the character’s arc.

There are some moments that should have been implemented because the movie can be saccharine at times. Also, romantic subplots are the least interesting part of the movie, but Winoko knows how to hit a viewer with the right emotions. He gives his leading actresses exactly what they need so that they can implement his vision. Memories of Paris I want to rediscover the city where I was born and call my loved ones to make sure they are OK.

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