‘All That Breads’ Wins Loyal D’Or, Cannes Top Documentary Award – Deadline

Of India All that breads The Sundance Film Festival followed his victory by winning the top documentary honor at Cannes.

The film, directed by Shaunak Sen, which chronicles a pair of Muslim brothers in Delhi who spent countless hours recovering a sick black kite, won the L’Oreal (“Golden Eye”) award at a ceremony on Saturday.

“From their makeshift bird hospital in their small basement, the ‘Dragon Brothers’ take care of thousands of these magical creatures that come down from New Delhi’s smoky sky every day,” the documentary notes. “As environmental toxicity and civic instability increase, the relationship between this Muslim family and the neglected dragon creates a poetic chronology of the city’s declining environment and growing social tensions.”

Shaunak Sen is the director of 'All That Breads'

Shaunak Sen is the director of ‘All That Breads’
Courtesy of Selim Khan

The Golden Eye Jury, headed by filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, saluted All that breads To remind us that every life is important, and every little thing is important. You can catch your camera, you can save a bird, you can hunt for a few moments of beauty theft, that’s important. It’s an inspiring journey under the watchful eye of three Don Quixote who may not be able to save the world but save their world. “

Joining the dock jury in Holland was Ukrainian filmmaker Irina Silik (The earth is blue like orange), French actor Pierre Deladonchamps, journalist Alex Vicente, and Moroccan filmmaker Hicham Falah. The jury awarded a special award Mariupolis 2, A documentary on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Lithuanian director Mantas Kevedaravicius was killed by Russian troops in Ukraine in April while filming. His fiance, Hannah Bilobrova, completed the film after his death.

“Our special prize,” the jury wrote in a quote, “goes to a film that is impossible to compare to any other in the competition – in a very radical, bold, artistic and existential statement. Mariupolis 2

The L’Œil d’or Prize was created in 2015 by LaScam, a French association of writers, directors, translators, photographers and others working in nonfiction media. It comes with a prize of 5,000 euros. Includes previous winners of the award Face Place (2017) and For summer (2019), both won Oscar nominations.

All that breads Will be released in theaters in the autumn. HBO Documentary Films has earned headlines for its worldwide television distribution just as the ear is running; It will premiere in 2023 on HBO and sister streaming platform HBO Max. In January of this year, All that breads Won the Grand Jury Award for World Cinema Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. It has also been screened at the Dokaviv Film Festival in Tel Aviv and the Krakow Film Festival in Poland.

The black kite flies in 'All That Breads'

Black Dragon in ‘All That Breads’
HBO Documentary Film / Rise Films

Its star brothers are Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shahzadas All that breads, Has rehabilitated 20,000 black kites over the years. Birds suffer from severe pollution in Delhi and other dangers while trying to survive in the metropolis. As birds of prey, they are carnivores, which may discredit them from the Hindus of India, most of whom are vegetarians. The Muslim Brotherhood does not object to the carnivorous diet of birds; In fact, they spend a lot of time grinding meat to feed the birds.

Observing a moment of the poetic narration of the film, “It is said that kite-feeding achieves‘ thawab ’(religious achievement). When they eat meat, they eat your troubles. “

It was the second consecutive L’Or win for Indian documentaries. Night of not knowing anythingDirected by Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia, won last year. Another indication of the emphasis on Indian documentary production, Written with fireA film by Indian directors Rintu Thomas and Sushmita Ghosh, which focuses on Dalit women journalists in India, was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year.

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