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Dukes, part of the Cannes Film Festival Symposium on Cinema, was represented by three female filmmakers. You weren’t really hereOf Lynn Ramsey and Grand CentralIts Rebecca Zlotoski and French actress / director / writer Agnes Xavi, in contrast to yesterday when it was all male. On social media the festival took a lick to deafen the tone in terms of yesterday’s panel.

Guillermo del Toro returned to lead the Cannes Film Festival boss Thierry Framax’s three-hour discussion about the possible demise of cinema and its future.

“There will always be obstacles,” says Ramsay, “necessity is the mother of innovation. You shouldn’t feel depressed because of the inconvenience, even if my 7-year-old daughter tells me, ‘Mom, don’t make movies anymore, you look so bad!’

Xavi, who won the best screenplay Look at me At Cannes in 2004, he talked about how job offers have become streaming / TV winners: “I’m at a stage in my career where if my next picture is in a movie, it’s for a little while and not too much. If I could make a series, it might be more meaningful and easier, but a lot more obstacles. “

When Framex asked about the future of the big screen, Zhou said it would not hinder him in his career.

“It simply came to our notice then. I also work in theater. If I can’t be free to make a film, I’ll lean towards theater or literature, “he added.

Today was completely unannounced Drive Filmmaker Nicholas Winding Refon. He was here to listen to an Amazon series in 2019 Very old to die young And it was at that point that he announced to the palaces that he had seen the future and that it was flowing into a long storytelling. Today, however, he mentions that “cinema is an underdog” and because of this, it has a chance to fight back, but as a filmmaker “we have to get to it and be rebellious in nature”.

“I’ll only make movies for the next several years,” Winding Refon said, “you have to make it or you’ll have no purpose.”

“Nothing has ever died, nothing has ever gone,” said the filmmaker about the art, and in this case cinema. “It simply evolves or gives us more canvas. Who is to say that the presence of some people in front of a TV screen is not as sacred as walking in an arthouse theater.

“Remember, the reality is that technology enhances creativity and opportunity,” he continued.

“No art form has ever disappeared; it has changed or been challenged. I find some things very powerful to read out of fashion. Much more than before, people like us in movies have to go out and fight a lot; fight for the kids,” he said. Neon Demon Director

“It’s like going back to the movies, you have to go back with philosophy and inspiration; What is really needed. We don’t need big films that appeal, that have a certain sensitivity and are not important for expression. This is the key to the industry. There is industry for polarization, “added Winding Refon.

“Art is the only thing that AI can’t imitate,” he said. “Cinema is an art form that can’t get AI access.”

Also on today’s panel were filmmakers Abderrahman Sisako, Abel Ferrara, Laurent Kantet, Powell Paolikowski and Joaquim Lafose.

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