Allegations of sexual harassment against Elon Musk. The entrepreneur himself has denied

Elon Musk Alleged sexual harassment. The entrepreneur himself has denied the rumors.
The information was that in 2016, Elon Musk offered a close relationship to a flight attendant. The publication noted that the flight attendant worked on a contract basis on the SpaceX corporate jet fleet.

He complained to Mask that he had shown her his penis, touched her legs without her consent and offered to buy her a horse in exchange for a massage. A document held by Business Insider claims that after getting a job at Flight Attendant SpaceX, he was advised to obtain a massage therapist license so that he could massage the mask.

Asked to comment on the rumors, the businessman insisted that “if he was the victim of harassment, it would not be the first known incident in his 30-year career.”
He did not specify who the “stars” were, but added, “I have a challenge for the liar who claims that his friend saw me being ‘exposed’ – just one thing. Explain anything (stains, tattoos, .. .) Which the public doesn’t know. They can’t do it because it never happened. “

The South African businessman – who has American, Canadian and South African citizenship – has previously said he supports Republicans from the Democratic Party.
Kasturi also made a less flattering headline: Tesla has faced numerous allegations of discrimination and harassment against black workers, as well as allegations of sexual harassment.

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