Amazon India Chiefs in Super-Serving Country with Local Language Show –

Exclusive: Amazon Prime Video India boss Aparna Purohit and Gaurav Gandhi have outlined their strategies to super-serve the country’s diverse audience and unveiled plans to push them into the real crime and investigative dock series.

In their first interview since the unveiling A 40-strong slate of original movies and TV shows in April, the pair said the continued involvement with “well-developed creative ecosystems” in various Indian language segments, including Hindi and Tamil, is key to Amazon Prime Video’s local influence. Launched there more than five years ago.

In fact, Country Head Gandhi said that it includes a collection of significant research and insights that can transcend original films and shows locally and then evaluate how it transcends cultural barriers.

“Each section is first looked at separately to see if we can super-serve the audience – young adults or women, for example,” he said. “So if we look at a Telugu or Tamil property, where do they go Hindi or any other language in the world? Then we put international topics like The Boys, Wheel of Time or modern love on top. “

Amazon Prize Video India’s Head of Originals, Purohit added, “The reason for the successful run of Amazon India is that from the beginning our local teams were given the power to make decisions.” “They understand culture and the environment. We have local boots on our soil that understand local builders, listeners and the ecosystem. “

An example is drama Modern love, Which Amazon first made in the United States before ordering three Indian language versions – marking the entry of Amazon India into a special romantic anthropology genre. Hindi language Modern Love Mumbai Launched earlier this month with Tamil-language Modern love Chennai And the modern love of Telugu language Hyderabad is coming soon.

“We have never been afraid to try formatting and storytelling of this nature – high-end limited series – new in India in many ways,” Gandhi said. “But creating an anthology in this market is the first of its kind. The insights that our team does here, working with customers to understand their needs, give us a lot of confidence to try to set trends. “

Unscripted push

Elsewhere in the interview, Purohit revealed that Amazon India’s next content will be Push Unscripted. The company unveiled four new series in its content showcase last month and this number is likely to increase. “We’re now expanding the scope of our unscripted and doc-series – especially in crime, true crime and investigation,” he said.

Slate declaration included Dancing on the graveA Hindi-language investigative true crime series that tells the story of a sensational crime with exclusive interviews, tragic footage and access to the perpetrator himself.

The plan is a monkey for Amazon’s UK commissioning chief Dan Grabiner, who last week called the plan deadline a suite of true crime documents that would likely sit in an all-encompassing strand.

Amazon India will focus on finding more horror, sci-fi and women-centric movies and attracting younger audiences.

“We had Dark Noir, thriller, mystery, patriotic show, musical and romance but there are some things left. [outstanding]. We want content for more young adults, because we want to bring people first – India is a very young country, “said Purohit.

The company has about 70 projects under development, most of which take up to three years to develop. “The investment required for any show will never be reduced. If manufacturers need time, investment or workshops, we have international guidelines to provide that, ”added Priest.

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