Amazon Prime unveils tennis drama ‘Fifteen-Love’ from ‘Line of Duty’ – Deadline

Amazon has unveiled a tennis drama from Prime Line of duty Producer World Productions is part of its UK showcase event, with two new documentaries and casting news, since the streamer has released ব্য 1BN ($ 1.2BN) since 2018.

The news was distributed this morning at a showcase event featuring talent and key creative executives for Amazon’s biggest shows, which also saw the announcement that Get out Star Daniel Calvia will describe the next version of the football dock All or nothingFollow Arsenal.

£ 1BN has been spent on TV dramas, entertainment, movies and live games in the last four years, as Amazon has deepened its presence in the country.

Today’s slate is led by drama Fifteen-love From Line of duty Producer World Productions.

The program was made by Dr. The Innocents Writer Hania Elkington and set in the elite world of tennis, the protagonist portrays Justin Pierce as a one-time rising star whose sudden success at the age of 17 took him and his coach Glenn Lapthron to the quarterfinals of the French Open.

Also unveiled at the event is Streamer’s already announced upcoming UK content, two real crime documentaries, a title Disappearance of Patricia Hall (work title) And others Three mothers (working title).

The latter, created by an all-female team, speaks of the early days of the Wild West on the Internet, when three women found themselves in an incredible series that caught the attention of the world.

Elsewhere, Kaluuya will describe the latest in the popular Sports Dock installment All or nothing And another sports dock, Ben Stokes: Ashes to PhoenixAbout the new England cricket captain, was announced and the trailer was released.

Speaking at the start of the showcase, Amazon Studios Europe boss Georgia Brown said Streimer wants to work with new talent who are “not accustomed to working in the broadcast space” and always maintain a quality bar.

He added: “I need my audience in the UK and Europe to see something so big Lord of the Rings And then go to one of our European shows and feel that there is no difference in quality. “

According to Brown, Amazon UK Slate will “diversify over the next 12 months” to include more thrillers, comedy and reality.

The boys

Attendance is shown from the morning showcase The boys Creator Eric Creep and cast plus comedian from the new backstage comedy show Behind the scenes with Katherine Ryan.

Talking to Season Three, which is set to air soon, he told Creep that his acclaimed superhero drama was a success because it was “unusually grounded”.

“We have such a deep measure of talent and have such a heavy-hit cast so it’s fun to write it and see how they can draw emotion. The whole thing is an explosion to work.

In addition to the three comedians present on the show, Ryan told him Behind the scenes The offer will show the soft side of the UK standup comedy circuit.

“Sometimes we roast each other but it’s the language of love that we really soften each other’s pain. It’s a great mix to see the combination of roasting on stage and backstage love because we’re all friends. Mobility is in our community. “

Other shows under discussion included Louis Therax’s documentary, Peter Capaldi-starrer thriller with YouTuber KSI The devil’s hour From Beryl Virtual Heartswood Studios, Jaz Butterworth Mammals And Naomi Alderman Power.

Butterworth said her show was a challenge as she was accustomed to writing plays and Hollywood movies.

“It’s a relationship comedy that doesn’t really discuss relationships, it’s a hoodunit,” he said of James Corden-starring Six-Partner.

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