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ExclusiveGeorgia Brown, boss of Amazon Studio Europe, says “broadcasters and streamers weren’t investing enough in non-scripted spaces” when she joined five years ago as SVoD prepares to unveil a suite of real crime documents with different tones.

Speaking exclusively to Deadline after this morning’s UK showcase event, Brown described Amazon Europe as “rare” over the past five years, with “the same care, attention and love not written in the script.”

“Traditionally, I don’t think broadcasters and streamers have done so much,” he said.

“When I joined, the other players were not being formed [non-scripted] Looks like I wanted to make. There was so much heat in the script, scripting on a big budget, putting big stars in the script and it seemed like a golden moment for the drama.

He cited a range of Amazon sports documents, including the upcoming Paul Pogba show Pugmentary Along with such reality franchises LOL: Last One Laughing And recently debuted Lovestruck High.

Brown added: “I hired a non-scripted team commissioning team before writing the script because I saw a white space being added. [non-scripted powerhouse] Fremantle and it was clear to me that broadcasters and streamers weren’t investing enough in non-scripted space. There was a clear way you could improve [non-scripted] For viewers because the audience likes the content. “

Brown consecrated streamers such as Netflix have begun to invest more in these non-scripted genres during their tenure.

He was talking to Dan Grabiner, the UK’s head of commissioning, who teased a suit of true crime documents that would likely sit in an all-encompassing strand. Two true criminal records, Disappearance of Patricia Hall (work title) And Three mothers (working title)Was unveiled at the showcase.

“A handful of these real crime documents are on their way,” added Grabiner, who said they would be different in tone and more information would be forthcoming.

“There’s a lot of real crime around, but if you’re a fan of real crime, you can watch it all day long. We’re looking for a twist, something different. “

Streimer is producing at least 50 UK shows this year, but the pair said the numbers are only being used as a rough guide, adding Brown: “People don’t remember the numbers, they really enjoyed remembering the breathtaking description of a show.”

More generally, Grabiner and Brown have repeatedly stated that they are looking for a show that introduces a twist with an established genre.


Such a show Jungle, Nothing Lost from the new-to-TV costume, a futuristic gram / drill hybrid drama-musical that was teased during the showcase.

Grabiner says he hopes Amazon can kickstart a generation of young TV creators for the first time in this vein and help provide its training venture suite.

“An incredible young dynasty is coming who is so confident in their eyes,” Brown added. “We’re working with creatives who want to revolutionize the way we think about content. None of us have done it collectively in the past, and the longevity of the industry comes down to people in positions like ours who need to put our hands together and focus on that generation. “

Creating Jungle Originally “creating a music video in six parts,” he added, and Amazon has decided to combine Nothing Lost with an established drama indie to brighten up their creativity.

Speaking during the showcase, Jungle ‘s Jr. O’Keefe says Amazon has been “bold” in adopting the idea that it was difficult to sell.

“We wanted to create something beautiful with a strong message and Amazon said ‘we can see it,'” he explained.

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