Amber Hard admitted lying while speaking in the Supreme Court

Amber Hard He admitted lying while speaking in the Supreme Court. Actress Amber Hard has confessed to lying during her speech in the Supreme Court. Amber Hard, a 36-year-old American actress, has admitted that she lied during a court hearing in the Hollywood actor’s divorce case. Johnny Depp . The New York Post reported.

During the latest hard defamation lawsuit against Depp, the actress admitted that she did not spend the $ 7 million in compensation she received from her ex-husband after sharing charitable assets, as she argued in the UK High Court in 2020.

The star then announced that he had donated half of the amount to the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU and the second part was donated to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.
At the current meeting, Hard admitted that he lied two years ago and blamed Johnny Depp for it. The actress said she planned to spend the money she received from charity, but because of lawsuits filed against her by her ex-husband, she had to use the funds to hire a lawyer and prepare for a new court.

“I was unable to pay this grant because Johnny Depp sued me in 2019. I’m still going to do it, but for that, he has to stop suing me,” the star told the court.
Earlier, Amber Hard said her role in Aquaman 2 was reduced to 10 minutes due to a high-profile lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

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