Amber Hard describes the threat she received in the Johnny Depp case – the deadline

Amber Hard describes the threats she received and the emotional trauma she experienced as she faced Johnny Depp’s $ 50 million lawsuit with her own $ 100 million counter claim.

In a tearful testimony as he returned to the Witness stand on Thursday, Hard said, “I just want Johnny to leave me alone.”

Asked by his attorney what the impact was on his claim that he had falsified his abuse allegations, Hard said, “I face harassment, humiliation, threats every day. Even just walking in this courtroom. Sitting here in front of the world, the worst parts of my life. That which I have lived has insulted me. “

He mentioned “getting threats from people [who] They want to kill me, and they tell me every day. “

“People want to put my baby in the microwave, and they tell me that,” she said.

Depp Hard filed a 50 million defamation suit against him when he published a version of the Washington Post when he wrote that he had “become a public figure representing domestic violence.” Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, later filed a $ 100 million counter-suit. Claims he made his allegations.

“I wouldn’t want this situation for my worst enemy,” Hard told the jury.

The judge set Friday to conclude the argument. The trial has been extended to 23 days or six weeks and has created a record-breaking audience for one of the streaming sites, Law and Crime.

Depp returned to the stand on Wednesday, when he again denied Hard’s allegations, calling his claims “unimaginably brutal, cruel and all lies.”

The majority of each side has been refuted by dual expert witnesses, including orthopedic surgeons who suggested various steps regarding how Depp’s finger was severed during an argument with Hard in March, 2016. Caribbean pirates Secular, repeatedly quoted during the trial. He claims that when Hard threw a bottle of vodka at him, the tip of his finger was cut off. He claims that Depp injured himself.

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