Amber Hard has confirmed her role in ‘Aquaman 2’

Amber Hard ‘A has confirmed the matter of cutting his role Aquaman 2 Actress Hard says her role in Aquaman 2 was cut to 10 minutes due to controversy.
Amber Hard, a 36-year-old American actress, has confirmed that her role in the second part of the movie Aquaman was reduced to 10 minutes due to a scandalous legal process with her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Entertainment report.

The actress admits that she had to “fight really hard” to continue acting in Hollywood after the high-profile divorce. Hard Depp has been accused of creating a smear PR campaign that has virtually ruined his film career.
The star says he was forced into lengthy discussions to take part in the second part of “Aquaman” because Warner Bros., which was involved in filming, wanted to exclude Hard from the project altogether. According to the actress, she appeared in Aquaman 2 for 10 minutes, a “very stripe down version” of the actual story, intended to kill her character.

Also, the number of advertising deals with Hard has decreased. In 2018, the star became a representative of the L’Oreal brand, but during the scandalous lawsuit, the cosmetics company virtually stopped working with the artist.

Asked if the actress is now taking part in a film project, Hard replied that she starred in a film for which she was paid হাজার 65,000 (the actress was paid এক 1 million for the first part of Aquaman).
At the end of April, 2.3 million people signed a petition against Hard’s participation in Aquaman 2.

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