Amber Hard Johnny Depp is expected to testify again in the $ 50M trial – deadline

Exclusive: Amber Hard will apparently have the final say in Johnny Depp’s 50 50 million defamation suit for 2018 The Washington Post Op-ed on domestic violence.

As the marquee name in the brief rebuttal of the defense, the Aquaman The star is expected to reappear at Fairfax County Courthouse tomorrow, we hear. There is one more rebuttal witness to Depp’s side, who will probably eat for the first hour or so of the morning.

If nothing else, the six-week-long trial, which begins on April 11, will close the last day for witnesses. With about an hour left in the defense case and just a week after being in the hard latest stand, the actress will be the ultimate witness before the May 27 closing argument is bright and early.

Before and during the trial, she was relentlessly attacked on social media, claiming that her career had been disrupted, with a frequent tearful hard testimony that the dirty laundry broadcast trial was “torture.” Testifying early May and last week, Hard added May 16: “I want to move on; I want Johnny to go ahead. “

Hard’s representatives had no comment when their client contacted Deadline to testify again.

As happened with Depp earlier this week, liquidation could prove who can stand or not. After testifying in late April, Depp was due to be called by the defense, as the deadline was set for May 21, but then the legal team changed priorities after seeing Hard’s watch.

In the end, Johnny Depp’s own legal team returned their often shiny and ridiculous client to the stand today. The Caribbean pirates The actor was previously supported by former girlfriend and supermodel Kate Moss to get a strong star via video link from the UK

Depp told the Virginia jury and Judge Penny Azcarte on Wednesday, “I’ve never been sexually abused, physically abused, in my life.” “All these weird, offensive stories of me doing these things and waiting six years to live with it and be able to bring the truth to the fore,” said the former Oscar nominee of Hard’s years of physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse claims. During the couple’s relationship.

“No matter what, I’m here and I’m telling the truth,” Depp added. “And I’ve been talking about what I’ve been reluctantly carrying on my back for six years,” he said, referring to the couple’s temporary restraining order as a stigmatized divorce.

Depp filed a lawsuit against Hard in late March 2019 Wapo The op-ed actress writes about being a “public figure representing domestic abuse”. Although Op-End never mentioned Depp’s name, the former Oscar nominee claimed that it had “ruined” his already ruined career. Depp further claims that he is actually the one who abused her.

Failing to dismiss the lawsuit or move out of Virginia, Hard sued in 2020 for 100 100 million. The counterattack comes just months before a UK defamation suit against Depp is filed The sun The tabloids failed dramatically in November 2020 to call her “Wife Beater”.

It is quite clear that whichever jury decides in their favor, the other party will appeal the fact that the First Amendment has become a prisoner-of-war situation far from its roots.

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