Amber Hard, president of DC Films, has denied any involvement in the trial

In the judgment Johnny Depp And Walter Hamada, president of Amber Hard DC Films, continues the news circle with the latest developments involving a testimony via video testimony.

Depp vs. Hard Trial has its roots until December 2018. At the time, Amber Hard mentioned in an op-ed for the Washington Post that she was surviving domestic abuse. The article did not directly accuse Johnny Depp, but the Pirates of the Caribbean star claimed that the article pointed to him very clearly and did not even mention his name. As a result, Depp claims that his reputation was severely damaged, resulting in the loss of several of his movie roles. That’s the basis of Depp’s $ 50 million lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Others claim that the whole situation has resulted in him suffering from a reputation crisis and losing the movie role with a significant amount of footage in the upcoming film. Aquaman 2 . This is the basis for her $ 100 million counter lawsuit against her ex-husband.

In this corner in particular, the president of DC Film testified in court that Hard’s role as “Mera” in Aquaman 2 did not change in any way due to his current situation with Depp. Walter Hamada made it clear that the very initial draft of the movie, which was made in 2018, did not have Hard’s significant role. The movie was always envisioned to be a comedy comedy instead of a friend between star Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson. He further added that the initial decision to play a lesser role was due to concerns over hard chemistry with chief Jason Momoar more than anything else.

The trial is set to close on Friday, the 27th M In May, people all over the internet continued to follow the story. The people remain polarized but one side may ultimately benefit from the judge’s decision.

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