Amber Hard’s agent was told the reason for cutting her role in Aquaman 2

Amber Hard Its agent was told that the reason for cutting his role in Aquaman 2 was ‘lack of chemistry’. Jason Momoa . Related to recent events and lawsuits between Johnny Depp and Amber Hard, the scandalous husbands’ careers remain in question. Amber’s agent claims that the star’s role in ‘Aquaman’ and ‘The Lost Kingdom’ has been cut due to a lack of chemistry between her and her on-screen boyfriend Jason Momoa.

However, the actress’ representative confirmed that it was behind-the-scenes noise surrounding the allegations affecting her future. WME’s Jessica Kovasevich testified in a defamation suit this Friday that Jason Momoa allegedly had a bad interaction with her in the new film. During a courtroom chat, the agent said Hard was also expected to earn $ 2 million from the sequel. The actress has already taken part in the filming; The film should be released in March 2023. When asked how his ward’s career was damaged, Kovasevic told Johnny’s lawyers the following:

He added that in the increased attention, Amber not only questioned her reputation but also lost her role in an Amazon movie that was already under development. According to him, Hard did a great job with converting the Queen of Atlantis to a student, and it is sad that personal strife had such a negative effect. Before Depp’s lawyers publicly called the actress’s abuse allegations “fraud,” Amber was able to get her life back on track.

Starting with the 2017 Justice League, Mera had a three-film contract to play the character, and her salary has increased with each DC movie in a row. Under the deal presented to the court, he was paid অগ্র 1 million in advance for Aquaman and $ 2 million for the sequel, both of which could earn him box office bonuses.

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