Amber Hard’s sister claims that Johnny Depp attacked her without provocation

In recent times Johnny Depp Trials, many emerge from the surface. Both sides claimed that others were out to get them. In the midst of all this, which stories testify to the truth? Amber Hard Her sister claims that Johnny Depp hit her for no reason.

According to Whitney, Amber Hard’s sister, Johnny Depp once attacked her without being persuaded by her. 2015 is in the middle of all these dramas. The story goes: Amber was confronted with a text message about an alleged relationship found on her phone with Johnny. The matter was only reported and has not yet been substantiated by Amber Hard.

Her testimony says she was at the top of the stairs, facing Amber. Taking him back to Johnny, he allegedly ran up the stairs and hit him. Amber yells at her to hit her sister and hits her in return. In his testimony, he claims that Johnny, when his security guard arrived, had already grabbed Amber by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the face. Johnny Depp’s bodyguard, Travis McGivern, had to separate them. He claimed that he was asked to sign an NDA to keep the situation secret. He claimed that he did not sign the NDA and left after some time.

However, Mr. McGuiren gave a different testimony. In her testimony, she said she saw Miss Hard throw a red bull can at Johnny and even saw him “spit” on her husband. Across his right shoulder, he saw a hand and a fist approaching Johnny Depp. He said he saw Amber Hard hit Johnny Depp first and Johnny Depp was as surprised as Mr. McGivern. It was when he intervened that Johnny made no statement on the matter, mainly for Johnny Depp’s safety.

Under the circumstances, Miss Hard claimed that the only reason she had hurt Johnny was to prevent her sister from pushing down the stairs. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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