Anne Hathaway showed off her infinitely long legs in a photo shoot

Anne Hathaway In one photo, she showed off her long legs Ears . On May 20, the premiere of Armageddon Time, a play by American director James Gray, based on his childhood memories, was heard. One of the main roles in the tape was played by actress Anne Hathaway, who answered reporters’ questions in a photo call today.

For the event, the actress and her stylist Eileen Walsh chose a provocative mini dress with patent-leather bodices and glass embroidery skirts, complemented by cat-eye glasses and metallic high-heeled sandals.
The final touch of a sophisticated dress in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot (the hairstyle even mentions a portrait of a French actress!) Was the decoration of the House of Bulgaria.

In a previous post, “There’s nothing harder than trying to look good from eight in the morning until midnight,” said Brigitte Bardot. And he has succeeded in doing so. Birthday of the great French actress and animal rights activist. “A woman should be beautiful or look beautiful,” said Brigitte Bardot. In childhood, the future woman was viciously teased because of the glasses and a plate on her teeth from Strabismus.

Her mother then gave her a ballet to instill love for her body and self-esteem. The plan worked, Brigitte believed in her charm and success, and at the age of 15 she began her modeling career. She then met her first husband, director Vadim Roger, who recalled that it was confidence that drew her to the person she chose. “Most of all, I was impressed by becoming Brigitte. Thin waist. The position of the royal head. And the method of viewing, ”he shared.

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