As a Kardashian stylist, Kim Kardashian is facing a panic attack without Kanye West

Although divorced Connie West , The TV star has regained his freedom, sometimes it does not turn out the best way. As it turned out, after a while, Kim Kardashian Realized that he was struggling to rediscover his style. In a scene from a new episode of Hulur The Kardashians on Thursday, the founder of Schemes introduces his sister Courtney about the fight to get dressed for the big event after she filed for divorce in early 2021. For seven years of marriage, the rapper literally doubled down (and lived together for about ten years). Since she was not only her favorite husband, she also acted as a personal stylist. It was her appearance that influenced many of her iconic red carpet looks.

It is not surprising that independent attempts to realize oneself as a stylist ended in failure for a long time. However, Kim was able to overcome herself and was awarded a prize in recognition of the success of her brand schemes. “I thought, ‘How can I wear something that hasn’t been pre-tested by her?'” She chose SKIMS X FENDI, which was almost a wardrobe flop. The dress was almost open when she was preparing to receive the Brand Innovator Award. “Then she called me. And said that my career was over, and then he showed me a picture of Marge Simpson in something like this, “Kim laughed.

Although Fame Fatel publicly praised West for “introducing her to fashion” at the People’s Choice Awards in December, the ex-husband has used his stylist skills on another girl.

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