As always, impeccable Kate Middleton in a coral coat attire received guests

Impeccable as always Kate Middleton A coral coat dress received guests in the garden of Buckingham Palace.
The Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, replaced the Queen at an important ceremony.

Each year, a festive reception is held in the garden of Buckingham Palace so that the Queen can recognize and reward deserving individuals who have distinguished themselves in the public service. The event is not easy for one who receives guests – usually the maharaja had to spend more than an hour on his feet, making his way through a huge crowd.

Due to health reasons, the 96-year-old Queen was unable to host the reception this year and was replaced by Kate Middleton, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, a spectacular trio from the Countess of Wessex.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked very elegant in her coral-embroidered Emilia Weeksted coat. Kate completes her bright outfit with an elegant hat, decorated with organza flounces to match the suede pumps with coats and heels.
As the future queen’s companion, Kate, 40, carried herself with great confidence as she walked through the crowd on the lawn of Buckingham Palace and stopped to greet visitors from time to time and chat with a few of the invited guests.

Lately, everyone has been talking about just how good Kate Middleton looks – she has become slimmer, rejuvenated and literally brighter. Richard Ward, a personal hairdresser at the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed the secret of his transformation when reporters wondered what kind of plastic surgery he had undergone. It turns out that she started styling Kate’s hair in a special way.

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