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Spoke Studios Vice President Joe Weinstock to launch JV with Argonne – Deadline

Joe Weinstock, vice president of Wheelhouse Entertainment label Spoke Studios in Brent Montgomery, has set out to launch a JV with Masked singer UK And Netflix's Hard cell Super-indie argon.

Rose Rock Entertainment will focus on providing "cinematic American factual content" that is entertaining and sharp, based on Weinstock's male-compressed real skills.

Indy will be working out of office in Hollywood and Oklahoma, and James Burstall, CEO of Argonne's first U.S. JV, is coming months after announcing details of a "strategic growth plan through international expansion and creative acquisitions," when moving the U.S. development team from New York. La. The Argonne West Coast office opened in 2020 and is overseen by Leopard USA Chief Creative Officer Lindsay Schwartz.

Weinstock joined Wheelhouse-backed Spoke Studios in Montgomery four years ago and has been responsible for Disney + 's choice ever since. Becoming, Of discovery River of no return And the History Channel Assembly required From Tim Allen.

He has overseen and developed seven unannounced series at Spoke Studios for streamers and networks, including Netflix and Hulu, Argon said. Past employers include Leftfield Pictures and Garney Productions, where he manages Global Smash. Duck dynasty For A + E.

Weinstock said Shingle would give him "creative licenses to illuminate the heartland of America and provide a window into the extraordinary world," adding: "As a creative storyteller, I'm incredibly ambitious for Rose Rock; Offer a platform for and discover characters that have never been seen before, captured through a cinematic documentary lens. "

Bristol called Weinstock "a brilliantly creative and incredibly talented producer with a track record of hit shows for networks and streamers across America."

Argonon's label includes ITV Masked singer UK Producer Bandicoot Scotland, Hard cell Indy Leopard picture and Attenborough and Mammoth Cemeteries Windfall Films. Super-Indy turned 10 last year at the age of 7


Megan Merkel’s father leaves hospital after stroke

Father of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Merkel , Was released from the hospital, where he was taken five days earlier after a stroke. The Daily Mail reported.

"I'm really grateful she was released and thank those who worked hard for her release, and we're glad she's alive," said Thomas Merkel. "I want to thank everyone, especially the wonderful doctors and nurses who saved my life. They are angels."
Thomas Merkel added that he was deeply inspired by the letters of support he received from around the world.
"People were very kind. Unfortunately, I can't talk right now, but I'm working on it and will express my gratitude when I can," added Megan Merkel's father.

Thomas Merkel wrote his message on a whiteboard with a felt-tip pen. He added that he planned to go to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations Elizabeth II Wishing the UK and British Queen a happy celebration and longevity.
Stroke causes blood to clot in Thomas Markle in the right hemisphere of the brain. As her friend Tom Bauer previously told The Sun, Merkel fell on the street in the Mexican city of Rosarito, where she lives, and was helped by "kind people." Meghan Merkel's father was taken from Rosarito to a San Diego hospital in California.

Earlier, Meghan Merkel was accused by PR of being someone else's grief and indifference to her own family. Merkel was accused by PR of harassing someone else on social media. "All the way from California to Texas with the camera to take pictures of dead children's memorials. You're stupid. Your publicity is dark. Flight to Texas, but not to his father," an Internet user was outraged.
"A few days ago, his father had a massive stroke. He still hasn't received a call, a postcard or a white rose," added another, criticizing Prince Harry's wife's indifference to his own family.


David Harbor talks about the struggle with poverty, mental illness before strangers

Stranger Things It is currently one of the most popular shows in the world, with its fourth season running through May 27, and no one is more grateful for it than David Hopper, who played Jim Hopper in the show.

In a recent interview, David Harbor Jim talks about his struggle with poverty and mental illness before finding fame and success from Hopper's role.

David Harbor has revealed that he suffered from bipolar disorder at the age of 26 after suffering a particularly strong episode. The actor mentioned that he struggled a lot due to this condition but he commented that he was lucky enough to have a family who helped him in difficult times.

However, despite the large number of supporters around him, Harbor still struggles. One of his primary struggles, as Harbor pointed out, was poverty. Harbor noted that in society, poverty and mental illness go hand in hand with feeding one another.

"When you can't participate in society by buying lunch and go to a store or shop, it will drive you crazy. It's chicken and eggs. They go hand in hand," Harbor said. The actor had landed many roles in various projects but none of them brought him fame and success.

Harbor says that at 35 years old, he almost gave up his dream and was happy if he could make a living just by paying rent and food and basic necessities. When the actor got Jim Hopper's part in Stranger Things at the age of about 40, there was not much to expect from him. He liked the script but doubted that people would share his appreciation for it.

However, once Stranger Things left the world, Harbor immediately began to receive applause and congratulations from all sides on the show. At the moment, the show has won multiple Emmy and several nominations for the Golden Globe. Harbor, 47, has starred in several major projects, including a role in Marvel's Black Widow as the Red Guardian after the success of Stranger Things.


MBC to produce first Arabic-language version of Ricky Garvice’s office –

The first Arabic language version of the British Cult Comedy Classic by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Office It will air in the Middle East later this year following an agreement between the licensed BBC Studios and local producer-broadcaster MBC.

The 20-episode series will be renamed on the network's TV channel and streamer Martyr VIP. Al Maktab And produced by MBC Studios, directed by Egyptian filmmaker Hisham Fathi.

In contrast to the original, the Middle Eastern version will be set in a courier service company, directed by Malik al-Tuwaif, starring Saleh Abu Amra as a self-absorbed but loving boss.

Produced and starring Gervais and Merchant, the British cult classic ran for two seasons on the BBC two decades ago, and was remade by NBC to be acclaimed in the United States by Steve Carell.

Local versions have been produced in 10 other regions, including France, Germany, Canada, Israel, India, and most recently Poland, but the MBC version is the first in Arabic.

Andre Reynaud, SVP Format Sales at BBC Studios, says: “While working in the office may look a bit different to many of us in 2022, these well-watched characters are familiar because they navigate small contests, moments of friendship and humor and a boss. That still makes themselves a fool still rings just as


After the school shooting in Texas, Donald Trump spoke about his advice

Donald Trump He was speaking at the National Rifle Association's annual conference on Friday, May 27, and his comments, along with many other Republicans, were against gun reform, which is being claimed after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Trump focused on improving the safety of schools across the country, rather than doing anything effective along improved line of gun control. Trump stressed that all schools should have only one entrance and fire extinguishers for exit only. In addition, Trump suggested that single entrances should always be guarded by armed guards. Trump suggested security measures such as strong doors for all classrooms that could be barricaded from the inside to prevent entry. In one of the more controversial statements in the speech, Trump suggested that teachers in schools should be allowed to carry firearms, saying that "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun."

Going forward, the former president commented on mental health that countries need to improve attitudes towards mental health. "This perverted mind shares almost the same profile," Trump said, referring to 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ross, who killed himself after authorities acted during a shooting in Uvalade, Texas.

Going forward with his speech, Trump read out the names of those killed in the school shootings, but found it difficult to pronounce the names of most of the victims. Trump was quickly criticized on social media over the issue.

However, the most controversial moment in Trump's speech came to an end when Trump ended his speech by dancing to the 1966 song, Hold On, I'm Coming Sam, and Dave. The move was considered uncomfortable and disrespectful by many because Trump finished reading the names of the dead just moments before the dance.

Social media has been flooded with tweets and comments criticizing Trump for his advice and dancing for the same. Actor Rob Rainer tweeted against Trump's disrespectful behavior. Rainer was shocked that Trump was once president and swore, "Never again."


Dave Chappell made a guest appearance on John Mulani’s show and caught fire

John Mulani The Columbus show saw the presence of a guest in Ohio who was once considered one of the greatest comedians on the planet; Dave Chappell.

Chappell opened the show for Mulani, did some of his routine and then left the stage because Mulani thanked him for being there. But obviously, the jokes that Chappell did in this routine didn't seem to fit very well. LGBT community . Several people present later expressed their disagreement on Twitter, commenting that the joke Dave Chappell made was not only transphobic but also gay. Some have tweeted that they are shocked and disappointed to hear such a large crowd laugh at Dave's joke.

Moreover, even after John Mulani expressed frustration over the issue, several people came forward saying that Mulani would allow Dave Chappell to use his platform to make such jokes and then thank him for being there instead of speaking out against him.

However, while this was one aspect of Twittervers, there was another aspect that came with Dave's help. They noted that the jokes that were supposed to be transphobic and homophobic were not like that at all.

Since the phones were locked before the show began, there was no footage of the actual performance, but people explained on Twitter that Dave had made a joke where he said he had been attacked with a gun, which was marked with a knife. One person tweeted that what was being called a gay joke was simply Dave saying, "Maybe you two are gay, I don't know, if that's the case, there's nothing wrong with that." The context of the line was not dynamic.

Neither Dave Chappell nor John Mulani have commented on the controversy. However, this is not the first time that Dave Chappell has come under attack from the LGBT community. His October 2021 special headline with Netflix, "The Closure" was also criticized for having transphobic jokes in it. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Agent Defamation (GLAAD) particularly condemned Chappell.


Nicole Kidman Hobby Keith shows PDA with Urban Mid Concert and fans love it

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban One of America's favorite couples. The actor-singer duo melts hearts wherever they show up and in a recent show they showed some PDAs whose fans are overwhelmed for their relationship.

While Keith was performing at one of his shows in Las Vegas, his beautiful wife appeared on stage for an amazing appearance. Fans could not rejoice at the star-studded moment on the stage. Things have become more adorable since then. Keith pretended that Nicole was one of his fans, whom he usually called on stage during the show for an interactive session. Keith asked Nicole what her name was and where she came from. Fans laughed when they saw the adorable play. Nicole played side by side and called her "Nicole Urban" when Keith pulled her for a kiss and a warm hug. The audience was definitely delighted to see this scene.

Nicole went on to say that she came on stage to pick up her jacket, commented that Keith had left the jacket on the floor and that he was worried about it. Keith explained to the crowd that he wanted the jacket before the show and then grabbed the jacket from the back stage and ran to give it to Nicole. Nicole walked off the stage waving to the crowd of screaming fans as Keith said before continuing to perform "Another Saturday Night in Vegas".

Nicole Kidman appears in most of Keith's shows to show her unwavering support for her husband. However, this is the first time he has been on stage during a performance by Keith and fans have been there for him. They later took to Twitter to express their admiration for the beautiful couple.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban first met in Australia in 2005 and quickly married in 2006. They are the parents of two beautiful children named Sunday and Faith. After nearly 16 years of marriage, the romance continues unabated.


The New York Times cover makes strong statements about guns with graphic – deadlines

Authorities say the gunman was able to get the weapon legally.

The New York Times put this seemingly pedestrian sentence in high comfort this weekend, elevating it to the position of the cover line in front of the Sunday Review section of the outlet. The sentence is set on a black background of the white type, the type of times most often used for the most weighty things - remember the 1619 project. The line has been repeated 15 times to punctuate its importance - and perhaps even to embarrass its truth - with each point revealing a specific mass shooting with an annotation that it applies. The list goes back a decade.

Inside the Sunday Review are sections "The Unbearable Introduction to Uwald", "Celebrating the NRA in Texas" and "New Approach to Gun Control".

The first of these pieces highlights the now known repetition of the event and the tragic moments that we remember with each such shoot in an attempt to process the event, a repetition that runs the cover line.

“The endless recollection of these bits of information and their diffusion in every channel of communication embeds them deeper into our consciousness. When we hold on to something, we touch it, "wrote Caspian Kang.

Onion took it one step further, blanketing the same article on its homepage last Wednesday that it had posted in response to many mass shootings in the past, shattering the notion that such atrocities could not be stopped.

"There is no way to prevent it," said the only nation where it occurs regularly, read the title of the article, which was posted 21 times on the home page of the satirical site at the time. Each story matches a different mass shooting but with the same title and quote.

On Twitter, Onion posted a thread linking to all 21 stories.

And finally it took a British outlet politely but firmly the question is being pondered across the United States - "Why is it only in America?" - To one of the two sitting senators in Texas.

Ted Cruz via SkyNews:


Top Gun discusses rigorous training for Maverick’s cast film

After almost three and a half decades Release Fans of the early classic, top songs, have finally got a really long overdue sequel and it is showing flying colors in movies all over the world so far. Returning from the original film, everyone's favorite rebel, Pete "Maverick" is played by none other than Mitchell Hollywood veteran, Tom Cruise .

It would not be a Tom Cruise film if the filming process did not involve highly physically challenging training. So, just like last time, Tom Cruise took rigorous fighter pilot training to resume his role. The actor said he had not trained since 1985 when he was in previous filming productions and enjoyed coming back here, having spent at least 3 months at the US Naval Academy. However, despite being considered by many to be a god, the years seem to be influencing the legendary actor because he admits that at this point, training saw him get a little sick.

In addition to Cruz, all new cast members of the film had to undergo the same rigorous training to perform their own stunts. The cast included Miles Taylor, Glenn Powell and Jay Ellis.

The training was very difficult and, according to reports, several cast members fell ill while going through it. Miles Taylor insisted he was not among the sick but commented that none of the cast members were interested in returning to the jets after the exit. At the end of the day, no one was ready to cash the writing check for the film production for them.

Top Gun Maverick is one of the most anticipated films of the year and did not disappoint as per the latest projection. Its inauguration is expected to capture a total of $ 150 million so far. The movie's reviews are getting stronger, with IMDb giving it an 8.7 rating and Rotten Tomatoes giving it a very generous 97%, making it the highest rated Tom Cruise film with Mission Impossible: Fallout.


Kendall and Caitlin Jenner were seen having dinner a week after Caitlin’s omission

Kendall Jenner and Caitlin Jenner Saturday, May 28 was seen walking out of a restaurant after enjoying a meal together in Malibu. The two are seen deeply in conversation when they come out and share a warm hug before parting. Their relationship seems to be a stable and warm one, although only a week ago almost all Kardashians and Jenners were present at the wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker when Caitlin was not significantly invited. The only other member of the family who was not present was Rob Kardashian.

The wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker took place in Portofino, Italy. It was a gorgeous event that lasted all weekend. However, both Courtney and Travis decided to keep the event's guest list limited to those close to them, noting that Caitlin was not invited. No public comment was made by the former Olympian, but reports say Caitlin was shocked by the decision.

Courtney, Kholo and Kim, Caitlin's honest daughter. The Kardashian sisters shared a warm relationship with Caitlin and even supported her when announcing her gender reassignment, until Caitlin published a memoir that cast a negative light on Kardashian's biological mother, Chris. In support of their mother, the Kardashian sisters went against Caitlin. However, the matter was later resolved and the Kardashians developed a mild relationship with their honest parents.

Courtney mentioned with Kim and Khalo that they no longer have any resentment against Caitlin and even talked to her from time to time. Although the sisters do not talk about the relationship with much enthusiasm. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim insists that Caitlin supports her, but Kim is usually too busy to reach out to him.

When Kardashians run out of beef, Caitlin's absence from the wedding says a lot about the situation.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, who have been Caitlin's biological daughters, have always been by Caitlin's side, and Kendall's recent encounter with Caitlin proves that their relationship remains strained.