Avatar Entertainment Board ‘If They Move …’ Kill M ‘- Can Market – Deadline

Exclusive: A feature about the wild plan of financing his final film with the support of legendary Hollywood director Sam Pekinpah’s Colombian Callie Cartel is being sold to the ears.

Avatar Entertainment is managing sales If they move away … ‘Kill himWith Colombian director Carlos Moreno – known for Netflix movies DogwasherUpcoming series Goal against And the title of Sundance Dogs eat dogs, Snitch cartel And Live forever Also attached. Kel Simons author.

The screenplay tells the story of the legendary director Pekinpah of the 1960s and 1970s, who, after burning down all Hollywood bridges, decided to finance his final film only through those willing to invest in it: the Colombian drug cartel in Cali, Colombia. After a “creative difference” between him and the cartel, Pekinpah and his associates were abducted and trapped in the Amazon jungle. He then escapes from captivity and has to find his way through the dangerous jungle, avoiding the armed fighters who are looking for him and finding a way back to the United States.

“When I read the script If they move … kill them I was shocked at how fascinating the story of Sam Pekinpah’s adventure in Colombia was, “said Moreno. “Being a huge fan of Pekinpah, I couldn’t believe the script was based on a true story.

The author, Kyle Simons, has done a wonderful job describing the desperate situation in Pekingpah, as well as the humor and insanity of the story. It’s very well written. “

Larry Robinson is producing LA- and London-based avatars, along with former MTV Films chief David Gayle. They have yet to set a lead, but are “currently going to a major 60-ish male star to play Pekingpah.”

Directed by Moreno Avatar Entertainment. Robinson is represented by UTA.

Peckinpah – Known for such movies Wild bunch, Straw dog And Getaway – Died in 1984.

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