Bad Batch ‘Season 2 gets premiere – Deadline

Disney + ‘s animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch In the fall of 2022 the streaming site will have its second season premiere.

The news was announced during a panel with cast and crew at the Star Wars celebration in Anaheim on Sunday.

The series, which revolves around the elite and experimental clones of Bad Batch that was first launched Star Wars Clone WarsThe two episodes were renewed in August 2021, just before the end of Season 1.

Picked right after the Clone Wars event, members of the Bad Batch – each with unique exceptional skills that make them an exceptionally effective soldier and a strong crew – take on mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new objectives.

Bad batch The voice cast includes Bradley Baker, Archie Punjabi, Michelle Ang, Rhea Pearlman, Bobby Moynihan, Freddie Prinz Jr., Taran Killiam, Seth Green and many more.

“I really like focusing the story around a child. It’s not just about finding a military path, how about raising a child to find his super power, because this world is moving away from a republic, “Baker said.

Dave Filoni (Mandalarian, Star Wars: Clone Wars), Athena Portillo (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels), Brad Rau (Star Wars Rebel, Star Wars Resistance), Jennifer Corbett (Star Wars Prevention, NCIS) And Carrie Beck (Mandalarian, Star Wars rebel) The executive production series, produced by Josh Reims (Star Wars Prevention) And Alex Spotwood (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels)

“Omega is a little big but it still has a lot of hearts,” Rau said.

Its the first season Star Wars: The Bad Batch Disney + debuted on May 4, 2021.

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