BBC Studios ‘Repair Shop’ Related to Star J Blades – Global Briefs – Deadline

BBC Studio ‘Repair Shop’ Partners with Star J Blades and Hungry Bear

BBC Studios has signed a first-look development agreement with Hungry J Media, including JV Repair shop Breakout J Blades and Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel Producer Hungry Bear. The one-year deal will give BBC Studios priority over Hungry J’s Slate, focusing on realistic entertainment formats that can travel to the UK market. Hungry Jay was launched in 2020 and has been behind the BBC One dock ever since J.Learn to read ay Blades: 51 And of Paramount-owned Channel 5 Jay Blades: There’s no place like home. BBC One’s widely-popular helming blade breaks Repair shop, Which began life as a short day format before graduating in primetime and gathering millions of viewers each week. Meanwhile, Hungry Bear has made some of the biggest entertainment hits in the UK over the years. Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel And Bradley Walsh and son: Breaking Dad. “Hungry J currently combines one of the most trusted and authentic presenters on television with a brilliant team of creators who deliver many favorite, hit shows,” said Emma Hardy. Commercial Director of BBC Studios, International Production and Format.

Film Bridge International has started selling ‘Smarna’

Exclusive: Film Bridge International has started global sales of 2021 period movies Smirna The Greco-Turkish War ravaged the Turkish city 100 years ago at the end of a catastrophic fire and human rights violation. Produced by Tanvir Productions and directed by Greek filmmaker Grigoris Karantinakis, Mimi Denisi co-produced by Martin Sherman and starred Rupert Graves, Mimi Denisi and Leonidas Kakoris. Based on Denise’s stage play, the feature was a big-budget local production and performed very well at the local box office. The film is produced by Tanvir Productions’ Dionysus Samiotis. Joseph Saman and Dennis have worked as executive producers. “At Tanvir Productions, we believe in the culture of watching movies on the big screen, sharing emotional and exciting moments with each other. Nothing can replace this submerged and magical experience. We are committed to making great Greek films and series that speak to the hearts of viewers, “said Samiotis.

Viaplay, Acorn TV and others to buy Australian romantic drama ‘Love Me’

Among the buyers of the Hugo Weaving-starrer Australian romantic drama series are Streamers Viaplay and Acorn TV. Love me. Melbourne-set series, originally adapted from Warner Bros. International Television Australia Production Foxtel Group and adapted from Viaplay Origin Love me, Shows how love can manifest at the most inconvenient time, following a father and two children who find themselves in a trance after the untimely death of their mother. Weaving (Lord of the Rings, The uterus), Bozana NovakovichBirds of prey) And William Lauder (Wakefield) Are in the cast. ViaPlay owns Acorn TV for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and India. CBC (Canada), Hot & Yes-DBS (Israel) and Eastern European Streamer Pickbox have also signed deals. In the US, Hulu has recently debuted all episodes.

BBC finds North East factual breakout and ‘Bradford on duty’

BBC Greenlighting completes extensive search for a new reality series from the Northeast of England Robson Green’s Dirty Weekends (work title), A day event where the host celebrates something good in the region with some of his famous friends. The show is part of the BBC’s commitment to create more programs and better present places outside of London, with a commitment to spend £ 25M (31.3M) in the North over the next five years. The 15-parter was commissioned by Helen Monson, the BBC’s first daytime commissioner in the Northeast, and is being produced by local Indies Reverse Meat Productions and Signpost Productions. “There’s a lot of talent here in the North East, both on and off screen and this series will fully reflect that,” Munson said. The BBC has already given the order Bradford in charge, A show followed by West Yorkshire City District Nurses, Police Officers and Council Staff. From the difficulty of dealing with rough sleep to the staggering health inequalities, visitors will hear accounts from those who have been tasked with helping to reduce the stress on the young city’s public service.

Buyers worldwide acquire Fukushima Dock

Discovery US, Discovery SEA, TG4 (Ireland), UKTV and SBS Australia have collected the documents one by one. Fukushima: Nature in the danger zone Distributor from Woodcut International. A three-core explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor triggered a 15-meter tsunami in 2011 and the second-largest nuclear accident to hit our planet. Woodlaw International Commercial Director Kulla Anastasi described the buyer’s assets as “high-profile broadcasters” and said more sales announcements were coming in the coming months.

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