Before the Oscars, Will Smith feared losing his career

Will Smith A man who has always been loved by the whole world. He has acted in many shows and movies that the world likes, such as “The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air” and “Aladdin: Live Edition”. He has made a name for himself all over the world due to his acting.

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Will Smith over his reaction Oscar . Everyone’s favorite rising star got into big trouble after being slapped Chris Rock To joke with his wife Jada Smith. Will Smith has lost a lot of respect among the community and fans since his performance. But according to Will Smith, he had already seen her fall a few months before the actual event.

In a recent interview, Will told David Letterman that he had a vision about losing money, his home, and his career after drinking the hallucinogenic drink Ayhuasca. He admitted that he drank the drink fourteen times in two years. He claimed that while he was tripping under the influence of alcohol, he feared his house, his money and his career would be blown away as he chased after them. He further claimed that throughout the scene, he heard a voice saying “what is this; That’s life. “

He said he heard his daughter Willow screaming for help but did not see him. In experience, he learned to stop caring about everything. He then went on to claim that it was the most hellish psychological experience he had ever had but that he had a completely new perspective after the incident. He could deal with anything that came his way and he could handle it calmly.

The Oscar controversy erupted a few months later. The academy has banned Will Smith from participating for the next ten years and he said he respects the academy’s decision. He assumes full responsibility for his actions during the event. He realizes that he has disappointed many and is completely to blame.

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