Bella Hadid and luxury jewelry fireworks at the Chopard Loves Cinema Gala

Bella Hadid’s French chic and luxury jewelry fireworks at the Chopard Loves Cinema Gala Dinner. Can 2022’s Most Valuable Party Stars. On May 25, jewelry brand Chopard hosted a gala dinner at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, inviting brand ambassadors and A-list celebrities. The queen of the star team was actress Eva Longoria and top model Bella Hadid, who chose the most impressive outfit for the event. Eva Longoria, 47, appeared on the red carpet at the Hotel Martinez in a Pinko lace bodysuit with a thin black strap and a huge black silk skirt with a high thigh slit, allowing the actress to show off her slender legs with a flawless tan. Aquazura has added a shiny pair of luxurious long chopard earrings with a stiletto pump and a pair of diamonds and emeralds. Bella Hadid’s stylist chose a Parisian cabaret-inspired outfit for the supermodel, perfect for going out on the French Riviera. The 25-year-old Bella was spotted in an archival Chanel midi-length dress with a white camellia, a puffy skirt and a black corset adorned with a contrasting black and white stripe sleeve. Other guests at the event include actress and director Maggie Gillenhall with her husband Peter Scorsgard, French film star Emmanuel Beart, May Mask, model Petra Nemkova and actor Mads Mickelsen with his wife Hanne Jacobsen. In a previous post, the trend for the grand premiere was black velvet and scarlet silk. Bella Hadid’s great output should be recognized as one of the brightest at the film festival. The top American model has appeared on the red carpet since 1987 in a corseted vintage versus dress with a velvet skirt and huge draping at the buttocks. Stylist Low Roach completes the star’s look with large diamond earrings and black suede pumps.

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