Bella Hadid, dressed in an open vintage verse, appeared on the red carpet

Bella Hadid, dressed in an open vintage vs. dress, appears on the red carpet. It is written by the Portuguese Vogue. Bella Hadid attends the premiere screening of The Innocent, directed by Louis Garrell, at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. To enter the red carpet, the model opted for a vintage dress from the Italian fashion house Versace, created by Gianni Versace in the spring-summer season of 1987. Bella Hadid has added large white gold earrings with diamonds scattered around the perimeter, adding a black booster dress with a huge papilla from waist to mid-thigh. The model collected her hair in a classic bun and in makeup, she focused on her eyes with a graphic arrow. The day before, Bella Hadid was spotted at Nice Airport with her boyfriend, art director Mark Calman. In addition to getting a taste of drama, Bella Hadid recently grew up in black, fully representing the Goth girls at the 2022 Matt Gala, where she wore a barberry hat that we don’t really care about. You can see it in Alto. After the party, she created a dress that combines nipple paste, a corset, Mary Antoinette-style sleeves, fishnet, stockings, a knitted bag, and strappy sandals that can only be described as a so much look, so little fabric. It can be said that he does not miss!

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