Bella Hadid showed how to combine a long dress with sneakers

Bella Hadid Showed how to combine a long dress with sneakers. Bella Hadid once again displayed her perfect figure and impeccable taste. Over the past few months, the star has risen to the status of a major icon of the generation, and viewing views have increased by 852% with its participation compared to other models, according to TagWalk.

The other day, Bella posed in a long navy blue vs. dress and white Nike sneakers. The image was complemented by a vintage bag, black sunglasses and silver headphones. The model looked very pretty, she didn’t even have skin tone and no makeup.

Humorous shots show the model in high spirits as she draws her long hair in a dramatic manner. Hadid left the image without captions, but that didn’t stop his 52 million followers from hitting the “Like” button more than 500,000 times.
Earlier, the fashionista shared photos with similarly flashy makeup. There was a carousel of pictures with a long post detailing the new soft drink line of Kin Euphorix.

In a previous post, the annual Prince Trust Gala was held in New York yesterday with the support of the Prince Charles Foundation, which is organized to help young people from different countries.
The red carpet, which the world media perceives as a rehearsal for the main fashion event of the year – the Met Gala Ball, featured the most famous models and actresses: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Lily James and Phoebe Dinever, Victoria’s Secret “Angels”. Claus and Stella Maxwell.

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