Bella Hadid ‘walked’ a dress with a deep neckline and a slit at the waist

Bella Hadid A walk ‘walk’ with a deep neckline and waist slits at a dinner Ears . Model Bella Hadid, 25, arrived at the Cannes Film Festival’s 75th anniversary dinner wearing a dress with a deep neckline and a slit at the waist. The Daily Mail reported.

Bella Hadid appeared in public for the second time in a single day in a Vintage Versus dress. The 25-year-old model came out in the 90’s wearing a black dress with a deep neckline and a slit at the waist. The low waist, pronounced by a leather belt, and the V-neck, are reminiscent of the famous look of Jennifer Lopez, the 2000 pop icon she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

On the same day, Bella Hadid landed at the premiere of Louis Garrell’s The Innocent Is Another Vintage Versus Dress, a 1987 booster with a huge band around her buttocks and a flared skirt.
Earlier, it was reported that Bella Hadid, who had her hair cut like a boy, had acted in an ad for Michael Kors. In the new Michael Kors lookbook, Bella Hadid appears in an unexpected look for fans: with short black hair and ragged bangs. At the same time, the new hairstyle is a wig, not a radical haircut.

For the photoshoot, the model wore a yellow latex mini-dress with a decorative bow at the neck and waist and complemented it with a black leather jacket with floral sleeves, as well as black boots in the middle of the knee. In the thigh pictures, Bella Hadid is seen with the American designer’s iconic black bag with gold initials MK and a braided handle. Large gold Congo earrings complete the look of Hadid.

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