Bella Hadid, wearing a vintage Gucci dress with a slit in her thigh, red

Bella Hadid Cannes walks the vintage on the red carpet at the Film Festival Gucci Gowns designed by Tom Ford in 1996. writes about it.

Bella Hadid appeared on the red carpet in a vintage outfit from designer Tom Ford-era Italian house Gucci. The model came to the premiere of Les Bonnes Étoiles in a tight-fitting white dress with a thigh slit and a gold ribbon from the Gucci Fall 1996 collection. Bella completes the look with matching sandals and large diamond jewelry.

Fashionistas are on the lookout for Tom Ford-era Gucci, and the Bella Hadid outfit has become a legend in the vintage community. The dress was first introduced in 1996 by American model Caroline Murphy.
Retailers of vintage designer clothing believe that with the release of Tom Ford’s clothing for Gucci, the hype surrounding the items in this collection will increase. So now the price of the 1996 Gucci collection of clothing starts at 15,000.

Earlier, it was reported that Cindy Crawford’s daughter was pictured kissing on the red carpet. Supermodel heir Cindy Crawford and 20-year-old Kaya Garber kissed actor Austin Butler on the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival and climbed into the lens of the paparazzi.

Kaya Garber came to the premiere of “Elvis” in C ডিte d’Azur to support her boyfriend Austin Butler, who played the lead role in the film. At first, the couple posed separately for secular photographers. The model showed off a red Celine dress with open back under the camera flash, while actor Tom Hanks and other co-stars stood on the stairs. However, the couple is later depicted kissing.

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