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Catalan artist and director Albert Best (The Death of Louis XIV, Liberty) With a rarity for a return to the Cannes Film Festival official competition, a contemporary feature film, we could not expect this from the filmmaker, who usually works on period pieces. And although he is not French, he has made an interesting movie in French and set the colorful French island of Polynesia in Tahiti.

It works on many levels, taking two hours and forty-five minutes to create a portrait of a mysterious man named De Roller (Benoit Magimel), who seems to be able to say whatever comes to his mind at any moment, not a strange duck. Not necessarily play with reality, or so it appears. He is the top French official in the archipelago, the high commissioner of the republic who mainly describes himself as a “representative of the state” to the locals because he cherishes himself to many of them. Many times he casts a spell, always asking, “Can I do something for you? Let me know”. And he seems to be omniscient on the surface, and constantly wandering around, a revolving saint if you will. It has its own playbook to discuss, mainly centering on a “rumor” – or whether it knows it – that the government is considering resuming nuclear tests on the island for the first time since the 1990s. He is a submarine Thinks The fuel of this thought is what he sees in the ocean, and depending on who he is talking to, he presents it as something he has heard but not told, a work he himself does not approve of, as he told a local mayor. And his allies always seemed to engage with the locals as he flew to other parts of the island He Running for office. He even climbed into the jet ski in huge waves during a surfing competition where he told one of the participants that he was available to help in any way he could. “I do what you do but in politics,” he said.


There are countless more characters with whom he interacts, including a transqual with whom he has an indefinite relationship, Shannah (a terrifying Pahoa Mahagfanau), Admiral (Mark Susini), a very strange man who is supposedly the captain of the navy and who “we are with us. They will see the way we behave Own “People know exactly how we treat our enemies.” That character goes to the ultimate relay very surreal which at least becomes bizarre to say the least. Matahi (Matahi Pambrun) also has a nemesis, an opposing force with which he bows his head to show a completely different side of his personality because the situation is right for him. Veteran actor Sergei Lopez has emerged as Morton whose self-proclaimed restaurant where staffers rarely wear is a major hang. There are many more, including a mysterious guy wearing sunglasses, who looks at the action and seems to pop up terribly at various points, commenting in English that De Roller is getting so close to the darkness. Everything is based on the mysterious portrait of this man who seems to see life as a mirage. Perhaps its true color, or that prediction Dark, This is the real deal. Later That for all its value it has dried up.

Much of this seems to be a metaphor for today’s divided and fragmented political conflict, distrust of government (America, China, Russia all come into the equation) and their seemingly little sympathy for their people. As such the best film is most politically intriguing to the ears this year, especially since it is wrapped in such gorgeous packaging. No more tempting than Tahiti (where it provides the feeling of an uninhabited island for a month during the lockdown). The mirage Cinematographer Arthur Tort has a lot to work with and uses it all in a rich way.

Title Pacification Definitely a play on words but seems to define De Roller as a man of many myths – or are they? Magimel, who played a great supporting role in this year’s director’s Fortnight entry See Paris again, Looks like it was made for this role, and it’s a great one that requires a strong star twist to pull it off, but also an actor who can navigate the clever waters of a uniquely complex character. Dressed in a casual white suit and Hawaiian shirt (even on that jet ski) for most of the photo, De Roller is an attractive figure among the islanders. Magimal makes this guy her own and it becomes another high point in this great actor’s 35 year career.

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