Bernice Bezo, Michele Hazanavicius, Lashana Lynch – Cancer Dinner

Exclusive: Berenis Bezo (Artist) Kan agreed to make the opening-night film Final Cut (Cut!) With filmmaker husband Michelle Hazanavicius (Players) It was a family affair.

He paused for a second to calculate, “Our daughter,His Girl, a niece whose camera was female and our son, whom you rarely see. Yes, it was a family affair. “

To explain: their daughter Gloria; His daughter Simon from a previous relationship. We rarely see Raika, her brother’s daughter and Lucian, the boy.

“That’s right,” Bezo nodded. “We wanted to see the family up close. The epidemic was going on and it gave us all peace of mind to be together,” he told the opening dinner. My graduate Hotel Martinez.

It was very good after midnight, probably around one in the morning, and following every conversation with a mix of guests, Bezo proceeded further to the departure where very handsome young men were handing out L’Oreal Cosmetics goodies bags and a book of photographs. And the writings of Vincent Delram.

Tom shows a page of nine pictures of Thierry Fremax, head of the Cannes Film Festival, showing the correct way to wear a tie. No doubt he and his PR team spent many hours approving photos and captions.

Lashana Lynch (No time to die) Sitting at the top table, a guest at the festival, he told Deadline. “I came here just to see a movie. What a treat, ”said the London-based actress.


Rossi de Palma (Parallel mother)Pedro Almodডvar’s favorite (Female on the verge of a nervous breakdown) Holding the court at his table, fellow guests pulled him toward the honeycomb. Something about his simple but lively style caught our attention. She was wearing a black double-breasted coat dress but the dress was popped by her rouge lipstick and red leather gloves peeking out of her black patent leather purse.

Pierre Jenny described herself as the “voice of the ear” in Deadline. He explained that it was his voice that we could hear the announcement of the arrival of guests on the red carpet of the palace.

We wondered if he ever got a tongue-twister.


When Jenny remembered Uncle Bunami Palme d’Or won in 2010 for Thai director Apichatpong Waresethakul, “I practiced for hours on end. Some names like that you want to get absolutely right. They are often not pronounced the way they are written, ”he advised.

Jenny and her guests did not stay at Table 64 for long. Perhaps he thought the reporter’s title, Bamigboy (think of the song “Oh, Danny Boy …”) would be a test for correct pronunciation.

That means twice as much purple asparagus from grass to me. Gentleman to my right, film director Giulio Bass (Postcard from Rome) Half-cooked begs me not to give up (Warm cold) Soufflé from Camargue Trout from Vaucluse with fresh smoked infusion with black rice. Delicious.


It was true that Chef Christian Cinicropy and his team from La Palme d’Or, a restaurant at the Fremox Hotel Martinez, called us to thank them.

Interestingly, after watching the vampire comedy, many of us were horrified.

Probably just because there was no meat on the menu.

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