‘Better Call Saul’ Leads to Quiet Week, but Streaming Makes New Noise in April

Good call Saul Netflix topped the sleepless week, collecting 821 million minutes of views in the first five seasons.

In addition to the rankings for the week of April 18-24, Nielsen also published the April edition of The Gage, a monthly look at the overall viewing through the TV set. Aided by a rise for HBO Max, the overall streaming set a new record in terms of its total viewing share in the month, from 29.7% in March to 30.4%. For the first time, the HBO Max reached 1% viewership, a far cry from Netflix’s 6.6% but a testament to the 2-year-old service.

Breaking badFrom that series Good call Saul spun off, one of the most popular acquired titles on Netflix. Both shows attract audiences who are 55% male to Nielsen, but 75% of Saul’s viewers are over 35 years old. In contrast, half Breaking bad The audience is under 35 years old.

Samples from last season were aided by the promotion of Season 6, which has just finished in AMC and AMC +.

In line with the general pattern, total TV viewing time decreased by 2.1% from March, but time spent streaming remained stable.

Viewership on broadcast and cable TV decreased by 3% and 2.5%, respectively. Nielsen led the downturn in broadcasting to a reduction in drama viewing and a 38% reduction in game viewing. Just watching the drop news reflects a 17% reduction. On the plus side, the sports cable grew 17%, boosted by watching the NBA and NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships, which were broadcast across TBS, TNT and TrueTV.

Below are the top 10 weekly streaming. Unless otherwise noted, all headlines are on Netflix.

Good call Saul – 50 episodes, 821 million minutes of viewing
Bridgeton – 16 EPS., 734M min.
Cocommelon – 18 EPS., 730M min.
Anatomy of a Scandal – 6 EPS., 690M min.
John Wayne Gessie Tapes – 3 EPS., 684M min.
Heartland – 225 EPS., 631M min.
Moon Night (Disney +) – 4 eps., 630M min.
NCIS – 355 EPS, 617M min.
Criminal mind – 321 EPS., 614M min.
Ultimatum: Get married or move on – 10 EPS., 482M min.

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