Black Bear has launched an international sales division with John Friedberg – Deadline

Exclusive: John Friedberg, former president of STX International, joins Teddy Schwarzman’s Black Bear to lead the company’s international sales and distribution business, we can reveal.

Friedberg, who announced yesterday that he is leaving STX after a seven-year term, will be the president of Black Bear International, which we say has considerable support from Schwarzmann.

Friedberg will lead the slate, focusing on creating and packaging projects to strengthen the lineup, while securing international and regionally-specific rights to critical and commercially driven content.

He joined Imitation game And I care a lot Arrange Black Bear as a partner with Schwarzmann, Michael Heimler and Keith Redman.

“John Friedberg is one of the best international sales and distribution executives in the business,” says Schwarzmann. “In a time of rapid change, John has been incredibly effective in sourcing and packaging exceptional content, and his strong network of distributors has ensured access to the best components of the market. I know he will continue to do so under the leadership of Black Bear International, and our partnership will complement the continued growth of Black Bear in film and television by increasing our sales and distribution capacity. “

“I can’t be more excited about starting this journey with Black Bear,” Friedberg added. “Teddy has an incredible track record as a producer and financier, and we’ve come together to grow the business together, taking advantage of the unprecedented global hunger for content and building a powerhouse international business.”

For STX, for which he will be a consultant, Friedberg is currently Michael Mann’s producer. Ferrari Starring Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz and Guy Ritchie Interpreter Starring Jack Gillenhall. He also helped set up Guy Ritchie Operation Fortune With Jason Statham for the studio. Other credits included Greenland Starring Gerard Butler, Mauritanian Jody Foster and Benedict Cumberbatch and with Bad mother Anger Starring Brad Pitt and District No. 9 Directed by Neil Bloomcamp.

Friedberg and Black Bear have worked together on various Black Bear titles, including I care a lot, Which won the Golden Globe and Blue Burger Award for Best Actress by Rosamund Pike Daughter of Marsh King Starring Daisy Ridley.

Black Bear’s international division, a joint venture with New Regency led by Dana O’Keefe, focuses exclusively on the production and financing of premium unscripted content, in addition to creating double agents.

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