Bobby Lee Boards ‘The Throwback’; Rohani’s Leah McSweeney joins The Kill Room

Exclusive: Bobby Lee (And just like that.) Mario Garcia has signed on to star in the feature directorial debut with Justina Machado, Will Sasso, Greg Sulkin and Michelle Randolph, ThrowbackWhich is currently being produced in the Tampa Bay area.

Indie comedy follows Kate (Machado) and Matt (Sasso), a married couple in a full-blown middle-life crisis who are thrown into further turmoil when the ex, a disrespectful and stressed ‘supermom’, suffers a post-traumatic breakdown during the holidays. Season, causing her to return to her 19-year-old college party-girl shelf. Lee will play the role of a longtime colleague of Matt, an ad agency art director and Sasso’s character, who considers himself a female male. Garcia wrote the script and Michael A. of Myantri Films and Doug Fox. Along with Alfieri, his company is producing through Garcia Interactive. Daniel Del Machado and Sterling Masser Jr. are co-producing.

Lee is an actor, comedian and podcaster who recently starred on CBS. Magnum PI And HBO Max And just like that. She boasts a major follower as co-host of the podcast Tigerbeli And Bad friend He will be seen with his partner Khalila Kuhan and comic Andrew Santino, respectively, and will soon be seen in the feature adaptation of Eli Roth’s video game Borderlands. Lionsgate. He is represented by CAA, Leviton Management and Schreck Rose Dapello.


Leah McSweeney

Leah McSweeney
Eric Helgas

Exclusive: The real housewife in New York City Star Leah McSweeney has found her debut in Yale Entertainment’s Darkley comic thriller, Kill room. He joined a team that included Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Manganiello, Maya Hawke, The Goddess Mazar, Larry Pine and Dr Hemingway are among those announced earlier.

Written by author Jonathan Jacobson and director Nicole Pawn, the film focuses on Hitman Reggie (Manganilo), his boss (Jackson), an art dealer (Thurman) and their money laundering scheme, which accidentally turns Hitman into a nightmare. The art world dealer against the underworld. Maxwini will play Alisha, a VIP in the art scene.

Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Bakerman, and John Kayes will be performing their banner with Yale Productions, with Ann Clement of Idiot Savant Pictures, Pawn of Untitled Entertainment, Thurman, Daniel Thomas, and Jason Weinberg, and Prologue with such content. Executive producers include Robert Cap, Scott Levenson, Jason Kringstein, Richard Switzer, Ian Niles, Philip W. Schultz, Bradley Pilz, Michael J. Rothstein, Jesse Corman, Jeffrey Tusi and Michael and Jackie Palkwich. Yale’s recently launched sales and distribution banner, Great Escape, manages international sales and co-establishes U.S. rights with its ear ICM partners.

McSweeney is a fashion designer and television personality who starred in the Bravo reality series. The real housewife in New York City Since 2020. He added the author’s title to his list of achievements this year when he published his first book, Chaos Theory: Finding money in a frenzy is a bad decision at one time, 5 April. He was repped by WME.

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