Box Office ‘Everything Everything Everything At One’ Hit All-Time A24 Record –

The arthouse never died.

If you want to keep it alive, create more jaw-dropping, offensive fare that can excite a crowd of 18-34.

That’s the trick, and that’s what A24 did with the Martial Arts Family Fantasy feature, directed by Dan Cowan and Daniel Scheinart. Everything Everything is at At, Which will become the highest-grossing A24 movie at the domestic box office by Sunday $ 50M- $ 52M. Yesterday, the film became the second-highest-grossing film in the state of A24 with an ongoing total of .1 49.1M, occupying an Oscar-nominated spot. Lady Bird Which finished his US / Canada run at $ 48.95M.

Everything Everything is at AtBy Sunday, its domestic BO could easily replace the previous highest-grossing movie of the A24, Adam Sandler Caper, directed by the state’s 2019 Safdi Brothers. Uncut gems Which was finalized at সপ্তাহ 50M over 13 weekends. Everything Everything is at At The ninth weekend crossed the studio milestone. Booked in 1,576 theaters, it is expected that Michelle Yeo, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hu, Ke Hue Quan will earn around M 3M in the next three days.

‘Stars at Noon’ from left, Margaret Quali and Joe Alvin.
Courtesy Curiosa Films

Everything Everything is at At HBO hits an A24 record when embarrassed about studio resources at the Cannes Film Festival with the Max series Irma Vep, Directors Fortnite title Men From Alex Garland (also opening at মার্কিন 3.5M in the US this weekend), Jesse Eisenberg When you finish saving the world Critic Week, by Claire Dennis At noon they In competition, and God’s creation Directors Fortnite

Everything Everything is at At Returning to the Cinephile Festival after a three-year absence due to Kovid, SXSW’s opening night film in March launched like a sonic boom. A24 opened the film for the highest theatrical average ever, with স্থানে 50K or $ 501K in ten locations over the weekend of March 25-27. Encouraged by social media and digital-driven advertising campaigns, the movie has not only rained cash on specialty movies, but has also surpassed mainstream metro multiplexes such as AMC Barbank and NYC Lincoln Square. AGBO Productions has boosted its ticket sales with many more Imax screenings. About 70% of the 18-34 charged movie marked five stars at the departure of the comScore / screen engine posttrack, with an overall positive score of 88%, and the men under 25 (who turned 22%) gave the Daniels movie the best grade of 90%. Other major demos for the movie include men over 25 (40% voting, 88% positive), women over 25 (26% voters, 88% positive), and women under 25 (13%, 85% grade).

Ari Aster’s horror movie, Hereditary, The A24’s highest-grossing movie worldwide remains at $ 80M, although Peak finished its internal run at $ 44M.

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