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David Bowie has undoubtedly become a great rock star সর্ব the greatest of all time, according to a tribute published by Rolling Stone after his death in 2016. Still, the fact that Bobby is called a “rock star” comes close to the fact that the quotation marks indicate that what made Bobby a Rock God figure was the way Carrie Grant created the incomparable image of a glamorous “movie star.”

This is not to deviate from his true achievements as a singer, songwriter and musician – without these gifts he could not have created such an attractive personality. Baui’s original project was to create art, and rock music and performance are best understood as some of the modes of his artistic expression.

Brett Morgan

Ear director Brett Morgan
David Janov

Brett Morgan’s documentary Munez daydream, Which premiered in the Cannes Midnight Screening section, did Bowie the greatest justice by presenting him not only as a popular musician, but also as an artist with an intention to explore painting, video, writing, dance, and film and theater acting. Morgan’s purpose is not so much to “know” the audience as Bobby can feel — to draw into the world and the disguise he has created, and to feel his creative and intellectual power.

In 2017, one year after Bowie’s death, his estate granted Morgan access to “over 5 5 million in assets,” including “rare and never-before-seen paintings, recordings, films and journals.” The director made those instruments into a sonic and visually immersive movie, with a thunderous soundtrack that literally rocked the seats (at least where I sat). Morgan began with Bowie’s early performances, already a mesmerizing figure on stage. He did not reach the audience like a grateful actor – he dragged them into his orbit with the gravitational force of their presence.

Mural of David Bowie as Gigi Stardust

David Bowie’s graffiti in the guise of Gigi Stardust. Hartlepool, England, February 25, 2021. Photo credit must read:
Owen Humphreys / PA Wire URN: 58282210 (Press Association via AP Images)

Mentioning the laws of physics would only be more appropriate as Bowie’s career began in the early 1970’s and he introduced the altered arrogance of Gigi Stardust, the Messianic, androgenic, space alien rock star who brought a message of hope to Earth (character third album of 1972 album ” Day Dream “was launched solo The rise and fall of Gigi Stardust and the spiders from Mars) Bovey’s outward and inward appearance and Jigi’s openly “omniscient” character confused the simple-minded commentators at the time who mixed Bobby with his artistic creations.

“Who is she, what is she, where did she come from?” Dick Cavate says in an archival clip Munez daydream, Introduced Baui as a guest on his talk show in the 1970s. “Is he dangerous, smart, dumb … crazy, intelligent, male, female, robot, what is it?”

Cavet inadvertently touched on something relevant, raising the question of mental illness, which plagued Bowie’s family. The documentary avoids much of the biographical detail, but Bobby talks about his honest brother Terry Burns, whom he credits with awakening his sense of intellectual curiosity. Burns gave his honest brother a copy of Jack Kerouac On the way, Which Bobby mentioned greatly influenced him. Burns will later develop schizophrenia and will require long-term hospitalization.

David Bobby in 1973

David Bowie during his Gigi Stardust period in 1973
AP picture

Bobby consciously speaks in the film about creating a “strategy to avoid the harms of mental illness”. That strategy was to create art. In the film, it becomes clear how Baui used his own physical form as a canvas হিসেবে as an artist he can paint his clothes with paint. It didn’t end there. Bowie is not credited enough as a modernist dancer টিতে in the film she is seen casting herself as if she were using her body as a sculpture.

Kurt Cobain and Rolling Stones documentary director Morgan also edited Munez daydream, Achieving a stunning in itself. At regular intervals he cuts into a striking explosion of cinematic images, perhaps intended to give an idea of ​​the visual references around Bowie’s head. Fractured shots originate from a variety of sources, including Nasferatu (1922), Kaligari cabinet said (1920), Will’s victory (1935), Seventh seal (1957), Beautiful life (1960), A continuous orange (1971), and Blade Runner (1982).

This repeated flickering of images, as well as the sequence of star-filled skies, planets at the time of the eclipse, and the “alien” personality on stage, lend the film a captivating quality, keeping it experiential rather than biographical. Still, Munez daydream Covering the stages of Bowie’s career, including his conscious rethinking as a lyricist, after moving to West Berlin after the 1970s. With the help of producer Brian Enno, Bowie explored more abstract forms of music in Berlin. Bowie’s biggest commercial success came with the 1983 Sirius Moonlight Tour album. Let’s danceThe only artistic stage that Bowie probably regretted.

The film captures Bowie’s constant desire to explore new lands — whether spirituality or Nietzsche’s work, or new environments. The effect is here On the way Became the most obvious. “I hate LA so I went to live there,” Bobby explained at one point in the film.

David Bowie in 1983

David Bowie during a press photo call at a hotel in London on March 17, 1983
AP Photo / Redman

Some of his personalities may seem as distinct or even (arguably) fascist as the Thin White Duke. Yet in the film he came across as warm and funny.

“I don’t want to feel like I’m cold and isolated,” she says, “because I’m not.”

Baui seems to have loved real life, one of the biggest releases of the film. And he had a real, even old-fashioned love story with his second wife, supermodel Iman, whom he married in 1992 and lived with until his death.

Bobby once described himself as an “addicted personality” in a Rolling Stone interview, and he spoke openly about cocaine abuse, especially in the 1970s. Morgan’s film does not use drugs, but Bobby is seen smoking cigarettes. In 2014 he was diagnosed with liver cancer but chose not to promote it. He was artistically active until the end.

More than six years after Bowie’s death, Munez daydream It reminds us of how unique Baui was as an artist. He was ahead of his time এগিয়ে ahead of our time. His experiments with gender fluidity in the 1970s dominated today’s debate over gender identity. The horror of Major Tom’s lonely journey into space seems to predict our own possibilities that a ruined world will be abandoned in the distant future.

What? Munez daydream The strongest capture is Bowie’s ability and desire to change, to transform, to entertain new creative ideas. As he puts it in the film, “I hope none of us are stable all our lives.”

Munez daydream Will be released in theaters internally by Neon in September; Universal Picture Content Group will handle international distribution. HBO and HBO Max will stream the documentary next year.

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