Bridgeton stars revealed the secret in the third season

The Bridgeton stars revealed the secret of what will be the third season of the successful series
There are also reports that the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Nikola Kohlan, Simon Ashley and character Chandran have made public the official announcement of the start of work on the third season of the popular project. To mark the occasion, a closed-door event was held in Los Angeles, with the lead actors of the series coming out on the red carpet.

Nicola Kohlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, the creator of Queen Charlotte’s favorite tabloid, has revealed that the new season will revolve around her character’s romance with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). According to Variety, the actress said, “Like Lady Whistledown, I’ve been keeping this secret for quite some time, literally from the second week of the second season’s shooting.”

Actress Simon Ashley, who played the adorable Kate Sharma in the second season, has revealed that the third season of The Bridgartons will have even less sex. Fans of the show were disappointed with the news, as the number of naughty scenes in the second season, compared to the first, was minimal – in fact, in addition to hints and sighs, the seventh had only one sex scene. Episode

Fans of the show have repeatedly complained to the producers of the series. The success of the first season was directly related to the frank moment between Daphne Bridgeton (Phoebe Dinever) and Duke Simon (Reggie-Jean Page). Apparently, wanting to get a younger audience, the producers of “The Bridgartons” have decided to opt for a romantic-vanilla way of plot development.

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