British actors sign letters to screen women over 45 – deadline

More than 100 actors and public figures in the UK have named them in an open letter calling for better onscreen representation of older women to combat the “inclusive aging” of the entertainment industry.

Signatories include Kylie House, Leslie Manville, Richard E. Grant, David Tennant, Joy Ashton, Mira Sial and Juliet Stevenson.

In the letter, Acting Your Age Campaign (AYAC) complained that women in the UK only have a “shelf life” on screen when their male counterparts have a “whole life”, and called for “a commitment to equality” with equal representation. Among men and women over the age of 45 in the UK.

The letter said: “Aging targeting women is a major issue in a closed industry that has become obsolete. Acting Your Age Campaign (AYAC) complains that women in the UK only have a” shelf life “on screen when their male colleagues have a” lifetime “. Millions of listeners appreciate and ignore members who admire women over the age of 45 for telling life stories. “

AYAC was founded four years ago by Nicki Clark and includes recommendations:

  • All onscreen fantasy content and light entertainment programs with male and female leads or presenters must have 50:50 equal gender and age representation.
  • Writer / Actor for All Broadcast Diversity Initiatives to Include 50:50 Age and Gender Equality, and Age in Drama and Comedy Commissioning Programming
  • The presenters of the documentary should be equally represented, with a 50:50 gender initiative to include age equality between women and men over the age of 45.
  • Age panel of political panels, discussions, news packages and studio guests
  • News pieces on women’s physical and mental health and violence against women “should not be exclusively biased towards young women.”
  • Men and women over the age of 45 should be shown equally in celebrity and entertainment news and recent photographs should be used.

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