Broadway’s Felicia Boswell to debut on West End stage in hit show – Deadline

Exclusive: Felicia Boswell of Broadway (‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert’) He will make his West End debut this July when he takes over from Beverly Knight.Bodyguard Musical)Queen of the British Soul chart-topping on a very enjoyable hit show ‘The Drifter Girl’ Which has been running at the Garrick Theater since last November.

Knight leaves The Drifters Girl On July 2, Boswell joined production three days later to portray Faye Treadwell, who took control of the legendary Soul Quartet The Drifter in 1967 after the death of her husband, George Treadwell, the group’s manager.

Boswell will perform with a quartet of local stars, Tosh Wanogho-Maud (Dg) Adam J. Bernard who won the Olivier Prize for his James’ Thunder. Dg Tarin Calendar (Hamilton) And Matt Henry won the Olivia Award for Best Music Actor for his performance Kinky boots. They Illustrate the many roles, including the ever-changing lineup of artists performing as The Drifter.

Michael Harrison, founder and chief executive of Michael Harrison Entertainment, accused Rubin, Broadway’s casting director, of finding an artist to replace him in Knight, who decided to leave the show to perform in the upcoming London music revival. Sister Law.

Harrison told the Deadline: “Find someone who can deliver by voice and be as powerful as a Beverly Knight, even though there is only one Beverly Knight!” , Was difficult. No one was here, so we asked Rubin to help us. “

Harrison told us that Jonathan Church, its director The Drifters Girl , Saw Boswell when he played Diana Ross in the Broadway Mutton musical. “When they mentioned Felicia’s name, we jumped at the chance to work with her,” Harrison said.

Boswell is excited too.

“This is my West End debut. I’m so excited!” Boswell shouted during an interview with Zoom Deadline.

“It was my dream to work in the West End .And secondly, I was a huge fan of Beverly Knight,” he said, adding that he and Knight both played the lead roles in the musical Felicia Farrell. ‘Memphis’ .

“Montego Glover was the first Felicia Farrell. I was the second Felicia Farrell and the third artist who played her was Beverly Night Over in London so we have some similarities, and the role I was playing was just a butterfly belly now. The opposite is true. As a child, I was always told that if you were brought here, you could do it, “said Boswell.

Boswell’s family has audio of his songs at the age of three. When she was six or seven, her father, John Boswell, who ran an auto repair shop in Montgomery, Alabama, sang with gospel groups like Mighty Hurricanes, he decided to form one with Felicia and her two older sisters.

“We were known as John Boswell and True Sounding Boswellets, and we sang on a Christian radio station in Montgomery. I always give it back to my dad. I grew up singing gospel music but when everyone else was in church and the singers were singing, we actually performed live on the radio during church time. We’re open to big gospel groups and we’re going to tour… it’s my roots and I’m very proud of it, “said Boswell, who will travel to London next week to begin preparations for the rehearsal.

Boswell has family ties to First Lady of Civil Rights Rosa Park. Her grandmother and Rosa Parks were cousins, and where they grew up together as sisters, Boswell said.

“My father used to say, ‘Cousin Rosa has come here and we are going to Grandma’s house and we are going to sing her songs. I have fond memories of her. She was very soft-spoken. Important but until I was old I realized what an important role he played in our history when he was sitting in a seat on that bus, “Boswell told Deadline.

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