C4 auctioned, dogs searching for next ‘gogglebox’-style hit – deadline

Exclusive: Channel 4’s next search has the auction and the greenlit format on the dog Gogglebox-Style International Smash has launched its third round of funding through the £ 30M (£ 37M) two-year Global Format Fund.

Responsibility for the fund has shifted from Alf Laurie, head of Factual Entertainment, to Vivian Moloquie, senior commissioning editor, one of the architects of last year’s Black to Front Day of Programming, who unveiled Dog Academy And The biggest auction Deadline

Previously, tough dogs would be sent to an academy by their desperate owners, and a crack team of Britain’s top trainers would help them with dog handling skills and dog psychology. The show comes from former Channel 4 Head of Documentary Nick Mirksi’s Five Mile Films shingle.

Meanwhile, Rescue hunter Producer Curve Media The biggest auction Creating a special field takes a competitive, youthful turn in the traditional auction genre where auctioneers will stand in court when selling rare items, but the evaluation will only be heard by the audience. The owner has to wait until they enter the auction to find out the potential value of his item.

“Both shows feel really warm and they’re in a style we know, appealing to audiences here and internationally,” Molokou told Deadline. “It’s not just the British who like dogs and auctions, so we have one eye firmly on the UK market and the other on the international market.”

The Global Format Fund was formed in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic Gogglebox Or Dine with me And believing that Channel 4 will make a দুই 30M ringfence on the show for two years believing it will travel, Channel 4 will account for 50% of international sales, compared to the 20% set out in detail by UK trade terms.

So far seven shows have been launched, of which two, Bag of money And Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, According to Molocco, re-commissioning has begun and the world has begun to attract interest from buyers.

A steering group consisting of Molokwu, a member of Channel 4’s content strategy and planning team, and external IP development and distribution experts judged the pitches using various metrics related to international appeal before deciding to send Chief Content Officer Ian Katz for potential greenlight.

Channel 4 has proven that it supports the Global Format Fund’s shows, and the UK indie community has responded positively, according to Molokou.

“I hope it will give the Indies more comfort that we are actually behind it,” he added, firing a starting gun at the third-round application. “We’re not always going to get it right, but we’re committed to trying to use these shows as an alternative and to increase marketing and open access to our research team.” [abroad]”

He rejected the notion that Channel 4 was under pressure to prove it could create a global hit in the anger privatization debate, which is currently making its way through the UK Parliament.

“Our desire to land, nurture and stimulate global hits is not new,” he added.

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