Caitlin Jenner explains why Kim Kardashian left Kenny West

We don’t need rappers anymore “: Caitlin Jenner Kim Kardashian explains why Kanye West left
“We don’t need rappers anymore; we just need comedians,” Caitlin Jenner commented on Kim’s breakup.

Kardashian and Connie West With such a basic statement. Ex-husband Chris Jenner, who went through a transformation operation, recently visited The Pivot Podcast, where he reveals the secrets of the separation of his honest daughter and world-famous rap artist. “It was hard to survive with him,” admitted Caitlin, who decided to dispel the illusion of a perfect romance between Kanye and Kim. Jenner noted that he had no personal enmity with Yeo: Kanye was the first to support him when he decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery in 2015.

How does Caitlin Jenner feel about Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson? Caitlin believes the reality star is happy to be around her boyfriend: “We have a comedian in our family, and everyone is in love with her now.” Caitlin hopes that Kim will not have to go through another painful breakup because she is worried about her mental health. Especially since Pitt has been making a very positive impression so far: Kim recently brought Davidson to the family home in Miami, where he literally wowed everyone over dinner.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Tough relationships with close relatives also affected the fact that Jenner was not even invited to the wedding of his honest daughter, Courtney Kardashian, and his favorite musician, Travis Barker. The reason given was that Courtney was expecting a small private ceremony, so she feared that Caitlin’s presence would attract too much attention.

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