Callie Kuoko tells wonderful stories about supportive fathers

Kale Kuoko is best known for his role in “The Big Bang Theory”. She has done many shows and movies but her role as Favorite Penny has earned her millions of fans all over the world. Being one of the kindest celebrities, he is liked everywhere and is always a topic of discussion. Even among his millions of fans, there is no such thing as parental support and love In a recent interview on “Late Late Show,” Kelly confessed to James Cordon that he had some fond memories of his father during the filming of “The Big Bang Theory.” According to Callie, her dad always came in for every single tapping and everything related to the show. He claimed that he had a director’s chair with his name on it but he chose to stand instead of sitting on it. During the screen call and bow and during the introduction of each episode, her dad stays on top and never fails to give her thumbs up. She showed him at every turn how proud he was for her. It was a habit that the whole crew and the audience would do the same for his father. It was almost like a weekly event. The work was a special thing to all of them and they appreciated the support and love they received from their father. Although the show ended in 2019, she claims that her father still misses taking part in the taping. She was so used to being there to support him that she couldn’t tap without him. It’s been many years since she came to his tapping and she loved the support from him. This memory of his has really warmed the hearts of all of us. It’s important to have a supportive fanbase, but it’s also nice to see supportive parents A lot of people have called her father’s activities sweet and Callie herself knows she wouldn’t be where she is without her father’s support.

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