Can Un Sarten Regard Winner – Complete List – Deadline

At the Cannes Film Festival, Anne Sarten Rigard Sidebar presented her awards tonight with the best honors of Lise Akoka and Roman Guerrero. Worst (Les Pirates). The jury awarded the prize to Sim Sadig JoylandKane is the first Pakistani movie to be officially selected.

The worst ones It is a drama about a movie in which a crew hits a working class French city. Deadline review says it hit “with thought-provoking and sometimes dark funny results”

Joyland For its part, it falls for a trans woman centered around a married man. Deadline calls it an “atmospheric” title that “presents the image of a group separated by modernity and tradition in contemporary Lahore, exploring an entire family.”

Meanwhile, as expected, Vicky Cripps won the Best Actor award for her performance in Mary Krutzer. Corsage. He shared the honor with Adam Bessar Case. The Krieps also star in the UCR title More than ever.

The best director was Alexandru Belk Metronome And “Coup d’Or” Gong (which basically translates to a soft-spot for jury, or crash on) Rodeo From Lola Quivoron.

UCR focuses on arthouses and artistically daring films. The 2022 selection included 20 feature films – seven of the first features also competing for the Camera D’Or, which goes to the filmmaker for the first time and will be announced tomorrow. The UCR jury was chaired by actress-director-producer Valeria Golino, and included director Debra Granick, actress Joanna Coolig, actor-singer Benjamin Biole, and actor-producer Edgar Ramirez.

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